mythological creatures

for people who love mythology! in this story, i have tried to include many types of mythical creatures and cool facts about them.
If there is any mythical creatures that i have missed out then please ask me to put it in my book


9. griffin

A griffin (not to be confused with hippogriff) Is a legendary creature with the body, back legs and tail of a lion; the head, front feet and wings of an eagle.


 In Greek mythology, they were said to represent wisdom, strength and cunning.


The griffin is most commonly shown with wings, but they can also be without. 


griffins are a lot like dragoons in mythology, both are represented as tricky, cunning, wise and powerful creatures which spend a lot of time guarding valuable items such as gold. Other legends portray the griffin to be rather like the sphinx, challenging people with tricky riddles. Find out more about the sphinx in some other paragraph in this book.


As well as being represented like dragons and sphinxes, the griffin could also be a sign of war. This was not a creature you wanted to get on the bad side of, with the ability to fight from the air and it's super strength, it is said that the griffin can also pick up elephants and giraffes. 





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