mythological creatures

for people who love mythology! in this story, i have tried to include many types of mythical creatures and cool facts about them.
If there is any mythical creatures that i have missed out then please ask me to put it in my book


2. alicorn

An alicorn is a unicorn, but with wings.


The alicorn has no specific name and has been called many different names such as winged unicorn, cerapter, unisis, pegacorns, hornisis, unipegs and hornipegs. 

The tern "alicorn" became popular in my little pony (but it was not invented by my little pony) and was made up of the French words Aile (wing) and corne (horn).


In some cultures the alicorn was used to represent evil and darkness, and others to represent light. In Another culture winged unicorns and regular unicorns are the same thing. In other cultures there can be unicorns which can make their wings disappear when they please, and sometimes portrayed as sapient seeds (talking horses).





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