If i only just...

What happens after in of your bffs in your friend group is killed? A lot happens.
After the sudden death of Jimin, everyone has a sudden wave if sadness. Anna is hit the hardest because he was her true lover. She now only had the guys left, and they are having tough times as well. Can she help everyone get through this and move on, can she help herself too?

Just a warning this contains self harm and drugs so be ware.


1. Gone

Jimin is gone. From the earth. From our lives. I got a call yesterday that they found him under a bridge. He had been beat up and was so hurt he couldn't move, so the people who hurt him pushed him into the river and he drowned.

When I got the call I ran to the hospital in my pjs (pajamas). He was all I had. My family died in an accident last year and he has helped me through it. I knew he had had a tough life, and he fought with others on the streets to occupy his mind to forget the bad times. But this was more. He had gotten so hurt he died this time.

Now we are here at his funeral. Me, Jin, J-hope, suga, junkook, rm, and v. His dad came, and his sister did too. I have never seen the boys cry. I felt so sad as they did. He truly cared for us all and loved us each in our own way. I cried so much. I couldn't stop. Not even after the funeral.

When I got home I thought. If I had called him and asked if he would have liked to hang out that night, he might have not fought, and he might still be alive. Only if I did one thing he would be alive. I have no one to love me now other than the boys who are as hurt as I am. I feel alone. I feel like I killed him.

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