If i only just...

What happens after in of your bffs in your friend group is killed? A lot happens.
After the sudden death of Jimin, everyone has a sudden wave if sadness. Anna is hit the hardest because he was her true lover. She now only had the guys left, and they are having tough times as well. Can she help everyone get through this and move on, can she help herself too?

Just a warning this contains self harm and drugs so be ware.


3. Chapter two: school

I didn't go to school for a whole week. I even forgot we had school I was to busy crying, thinking about Jimin, and what I could have done to save him.

The only reminder I got was when to texted the whole group.

Hey why are you guys not at school today?


It was clear no one else went to school other than him. No one responded, but at least one if us is trying to move on.

I spent the whole week in my room. I didn't eat I was so sad. Jimin was the only one who as truly loved me. My parents and older brother died in a car crag last year. It kills me to even think about it.


Rm texted us all today asking why we weren't at school. I wanted to yell at him, but he is doing the right thing to move on. I tried calling Anna, because I know she had been hit harder than any of us. She didn't pick up, and I was to scared to leave a voice mail.

I went to school the next day, trying to forget the sadness, but it only got worse.

Everyone was gossiping an whispering when ever me and rm walked around. I couldn't take it so I didn't go to school the rest of the week.

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