If i only just...

What happens after in of your bffs in your friend group is killed? A lot happens.
After the sudden death of Jimin, everyone has a sudden wave if sadness. Anna is hit the hardest because he was her true lover. She now only had the guys left, and they are having tough times as well. Can she help everyone get through this and move on, can she help herself too?

Just a warning this contains self harm and drugs so be ware.


4. chapter three

I finally went back to school the next week. It was hard to get out of bed, but I knew Jimin would want me to have an education. I knew rm would be there, and suga was there last week. He had called me but didn't leave a message. I wish he did. I miss the boys.

When I drive into the parking lot, I got a suden wave of coldness. Something was off about the place. I saw junkook walking into the school from my parking space. At least he was here. The youngest has grown I see.

When I met up with the guys in our normal spot, and it was not a pretty scene. Everyone had cuts on there arms, that they tried to cover.

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