If i only just...

What happens after in of your bffs in your friend group is killed? A lot happens.
After the sudden death of Jimin, everyone has a sudden wave if sadness. Anna is hit the hardest because he was her true lover. She now only had the guys left, and they are having tough times as well. Can she help everyone get through this and move on, can she help herself too?

Just a warning this contains self harm and drugs so be ware.


2. chapter one


I had cried non stop for days. No one called me or each other, I knew we were all to upset to even talk. If only I had just done something to stop him from fighting, he might still have been with us.

I kept crying realizing what I could have done, but instead I whent to work just to pay for my own personal things. If only I hadn't been so selfish. I hated my self for that.


We all were in a state of shock when it happened. I knew one day he would get badly hurt. I knew he wanted something to do so he wouldn't think of his mom. I knew I should have helped him when I could. Maybe I could have stopped it all from happening.

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