If i only just...

What happens after in of your bffs in your friend group is killed? A lot happens.
After the sudden death of Jimin, everyone has a sudden wave if sadness. Anna is hit the hardest because he was her true lover. She now only had the guys left, and they are having tough times as well. Can she help everyone get through this and move on, can she help herself too?

Just a warning this contains self harm and drugs so be ware.


5. chapter four

J hope then started crying quiet tears. That made me cry. I then hugged him so tight like he did to us when we were sad. He hugged back, soon all of the guys were in a group hug. I could feel other's burning stares on our backs, but I didn't care. After a while the bell rang making is all split our different ways. It felt so good to be in there arms. They might look scary on the outside but deep down they are all teddy bears.

Class was hard, everyone kept staring and talking and whispering. I get it, if someone just died why not make the person who was most affected feel bad , right?


We all came to school today. J hope started crying and then so did Anna. We all had a big group hug, and it made me feel way better. I didn't care people were staring, it was natural for them to stare at us when we hugged? Like it was something paranormal.

Anna is clearly having a harder time than all of us. She had the most cuts out of our whole group. ( yes they all feel they could have done something to prevent this, so they feel bad) I feel like I should talk to her to let get know I am here for her. I really hope things get better.

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