Double Trouble

Sweet and quiet Harry and sassy and rambunctious Emily Potter have lived their lives with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin ever since their parents, James and Lily, were killed by Voldemort on October 31, 1981. Now, ten years and a few months later, the twins are getting ready for their first year at Hogwarts. But everything is not what it seems.


9. Unexpected News

Mackenzie's eyes opened slowly, and she blinked at the gray ceiling. Today was December 20, and she was going home for two weeks for Christmas. Harry was coming, as well. On Christmas Eve, they would both be allowed to invite their friends to come spend the night and celebrate Christmas together with all their families. Mackenzi just hoped that Moony and Padfoot would not change their minds once they knew who her friends were, and once they discovered that she knew she annoyed them. 

Mackenzie did not want to return to Grimmauld Place, but she had promised Moony and Padfoot that she would, and so she would. And she intended to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves, including herself.

Despite her apprehension, Mackenzie, like every eleven-year-old, was desperately excited for Christmas. The decorations, the presents, the Santa Claus's, and all the trimmings made her want to squeal with joy. Christmas was her absolute favourite holiday, simply because of the joyful atmosphere it created. She couldn't wait. 


Unknown P.O.V.

A man lay in a cold, dingy basement. Although he was only 32, he appeared much older. He was dirty, his hair matted, clothes filthy and torn. 

The man's wife lay beside him. Her hair was so dirty, it's red colour  appeared brown. Her clothes, too, were colourless with dirt and filth, and filled with holes. 

The couple had lost count of how long they'd been prisoners in this basement. After being taken captive by Death Eaters after Voldemort's downfall, they were kept in the cellar of two of his followers. They'd been there for years, unbeknownst to the Death Eater's son. The couple could hear this young boy sometimes, his voice echoing down from above. They'd been able to hear his excitement at the arrival of his Hogwarts letter. They wondered if their children were at Hogwarts yet. If they were even alive. Wherever they were, the couple hoped they were safe and happy. 


Mackenzie's P.O.V.

"I'll see you soon." Mackenzie said, hugging Daphne. "All three of you. Moony and Padfoot said that I could invite my friends over for Christmas. You can bring your families, too." 

"Oh, that'll be so fun!" Daphne exclaimed, clasping her hands. "My little sister, Maddie, she's nine now, can't wait to meet you from my letters." 

"Who should take this?" Blaise asked, holding up the Serpents' Secrets. 

"Kenz should." Draco decided. "Kenz or Daph." 

"Kenzie." Daphne said, passing the book to Mackenzie. "And we really need nicknames for the two of you." 

"Dray and Blay." Mackenzie said, giggling, putting the journal into her bag. "Kenz, Daph, Dray and Blay, the unstoppable Serpents." 

"Absolutely not!" Blaise and Draco objected immediately. 

"We didn't agree to Kenz and Daph." Mackenzie retaliated. 

"Everyone calls you two Kenzie and Daph." Draco rolled his eyes.  "Everyone who knows you, anyway." 

"Kenzie and Kenz are different." Mackenzie objected. 

"We'll discuss this more later, those're my parents." Blaise said. "Or current ones." he added under his breath. 

Blaise's mother was famously beautiful. She was on her fifth husband. The last four had all died mysteriously, leaving them mounds of gold. Blaise was disgusted by his mother's actions, but there wasn't anything he could do about it. 

"Hopefully I'll see you by Christmas." Mackenzie said, giving him a quick hug. "All of you." she hugged Draco as well, before giving Daphne another hug. "That's Moony and Padfoot over there with Harry, I'd better go as well. Write!" 

"We will!" The other three waved, all heading off towards their parents. Mackenzie skipped over to Moony, Padfoot, and Harry. 

"Why hello there, esteemed guardians and sibling." she said cheerfully. 

"You're not mad at me anymore?" Harry asked hesitently. 

"Oh, I've decided to put that aside for the holidays." Mackenzie said airily. "Whether I remain angry at Hogwarts remains to be seen. Anyway, let's go. You two haven't decorated the house yet, have you?" she accusingly pointed at Sirius and Remus. 

"Not at all, Miss Potter." Sirius said, bowing low. "Under no circumstances would we dare to perform your favourite task without you!" 

"Besides, your highness, you're the best at it." Remus said, also mock-bowing. "We simply wouldn't do it right!" 

"Excellent." Mackenzie stood taller and began strutting. "I'd never forgive you if you'd already put up the tree and tinsel." 

"No, but we bought mounds more." Sirius said, straightening. "And we even got a couple new decorations." 

Mackenzie stopped strutting and almost got hit by a car, but Remus yanked her out of the way. "What new decorations?" 

"Let's see..." Sirius tapped his chin. "Enchanted snow, everlasting ice, fairies..." 

"Really?" Mackenzie shrieked, causing a few people to stop and glare at her. "Come on, come on, let's go home!" 

The little family piled into the car and began driving home. 

"Hey, you said we could invite friends over for Christmas, right?" Harry asked. 

"That we did." Remus nodded. "Have anyone in mind?"

"Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger." Harry nodded. 

"Oh yes, we know Molly." Remus nodded. "We were thinking of inviting her, anyway."

"Who's Hermione Granger?" Sirius asked, wiggling his eyebrows. 

Harry rolled his eyes. "She's a Muggleborn, so I don't think you'd know her. She's really smart, the best in our year, and nice. And you can stop giving me that look, Padfoot, because I'm fairly certain she and Ron have got a thing for each other." 

Sirius and Remus both laughed, while Mackenzie even cracked a grin. 

"You got anyone you want to invite, gingersnap?" Sirius asked, using his nickname for Mackenzie. 

Mackenzie nodded hesitantly. "I don't think you're going to like it." she warned. 

"Nonsense!" Sirius exclaimed jovially, nearly running into the car in front of them. "Any friends of my favourite ginger will be friends of ours!" 

"Well..." Mackenzie hesitated still, before finally spilling. "Well, there's Daphne Greengrass. It's her, her parents, and her sister, Astoria." 

"The Greengrasses, good people." Remus nodded. 

"Then there's Blaise Zabini." Mackenzie continued. "He's also got his little sister, Savannah, and his mother and stepdad." 

"Zabini's, also good people." Sirius allowed. 

"Anyone else, Kenzie?" Remus asked. 

Mackenzie nodded slowly. "Um... Draco Malfoy?" 

"Malfoy's, not such good people." Sirius paused. "I thought you had a row with Draco?" 

"I did, but we became friends once I got to Hogwarts." Mackenzie shrugged. "He doesn't like the things his parents do. I mean, he's definitely a Slytherin, but then so am I. And we're really good friends, and I couldn't invite the other two and not him, and you don't even have to invite his parents if you don't want to, although it might be good to at least ask them, but I really want those three to come have Christmas with us, and-"

"Relax, Kenzie." Remus laughed, holding up his hand. "You can invite them. It's all good." 

"Really?" Mackenzie shrieked again, causing Sirius to swerve and almost hit a lamppost. "Excellent! I'll write the letters tonight!" 

Sirius and Remus laughed as Sirius pulled up in front of Grimmauld Place. 

"Well, let's get in there and decorate!" Sirius exclaimed. 

Harry and Mackenzie both cheered. 


Unknown P.O.V.

The boy was home for Christmas. Had been for a few days. He'd been invited to his friend's house to celebrate. His parents weren't thrilled about it, but they allowed him to go as long as they did not have to accompany him. 

He was to leave today. The man and woman sat huddled against each other. Both were weak, both from starvation and nearly daily torture. They assumed the boy could not hear their screams. 

Unexpected footsteps pattered cautiously down the cellar stairs. It was not time for their daily meal, if you could call dirty water and moldy bread a meal. They had no idea who was coming. 

The door creaked open, and a pale, blond boy with grey eyes peeked through. At first he seemed disappointed, but then he caught sight of the man and his wife. His eyes widened, and he stepped through. 

"Hello?" he said quietly. 

"Hello." The woman returned. Her dull green eyes seemed to light a bit at the sight of a new, seemingly friendly, face. "Who are you?" 

The boy looked apprehensive. "Draco. Draco Malfoy. What are you doing in my basement?" 

"I don't think that's something we should speak about to a boy your age." the man attempted a smile, and thought he might have managed. "You're about eleven, yes?" 

Draco nodded slowly. "Who are you?"

The man shifted, wincing as it jostled broken bones. "My name's James. This is my wife, Lily." 

Draco blanched. "Potter?" 

James nodded carefully, trying not to disturb any other injuries. 

"I know your kids!" Draco exclaimed, getting steadily louder. "Harry and Mackenzie, right? They're your kids!" 

"Yes, they are." Lily leaned forward. "What do you know of them?"

"Harry's in Gryffindor, I don't talk to him much." Draco said, his voicing growing ever louder and faster. "But Kenzie, she's in Slytherin with me, she's my age, she's my best friend! They all think you're dead! Them and their guardians, something like Moony and Padfoot or something. They think you've died!"

"Most everyone does." Lily smiled sadly. "It was excellent to meet you, Draco, but you must leave this place and not return."

Draco opened his mouth, but at that moment, a shout echoed from the top of the stairs. 

"Draco Malfoy!" it was Lucius. "What are you doing?" 

"Nothing, father!" Draco shouted back, hurrying to the doorway. "Just... talking." 

Heavy footfalls echoed on the steps. Lucius appeared, grabbing Draco roughly by his arm. 

"I told you never to come down here!" Lucius snarled. Draco's arm seemed to be in great pain, but he did nothing. "I warned you!" 

"Why are Harry and Mackenzie's parents here?" Draco asked boldly. "They think they're dead!" 

Lucius's face contorted with rage. He threw Draco up the steps, slamming the door behind him. "Get up to your room! You are not returning to Hogwarts!" 

And just like that, James and Lily's last hope disappeared. 


Mackenzie's P.O.V.

Mackenzie wove tinsel in and out of a banister, before sprinkling enchanted snow over the top. Everlasting icicles glimmered from all around the house, casting a mesmerising light. Fairies fluttered about in fairy lanterns, quite content with their life. One would think everyone would be content. 

But Mackenzie was not quite. She was actually quite concerned. For the past three days, as the family decorated, Mackenzie discovered that she could no longer speak to Serefina. The ferret, thinking Mackenzie was simply ignoring her, had run off, and Mackenzie had no idea where she could be.

As Mackenzie finished her last dusting of snow, she heard the fireplace roar downstairs. Before long, Sirius was calling up to her. 

"Mackenzie, come downstairs, please!" he shouted. "You need to see this!" 

As Mackenzie started down the stairs, Harry appeared. They both looked confused, and Harry followed Mackenzie down to the living room, where she stopped short. 

Draco was standing in front of the fire. His eyes were both black, and he had a lot of dried blood and bruises covering his body, so much it was impossible to tell where the blood had come from. He seemed mostly unconcerned with this, however, and was gibbering away to Remus, who clearly couldn't understand a word he was saying. 

"Draco?" Mackenzie gasped. "What happened?"

Draco turned and nearly flew over to her. 

"Kenzie... come... got to... help..." he gasped, nearly incapable of regular speech, whether from injury or overexcitement nobody could tell. 

"Draco, what's going on?" Mackenzie asked. "What happened to you?" 

"Cellar... found... parents... caught... alive..." Draco stammered, unable to string a full sentence together. 

"Sirius, go get a Calming Draught, healing balms, and my wand." Remus instructed, guiding Draco over to the sofa. "Quickly!" 

Sirius disappeared, and returned before a minute had passed, carrying everything Remus had asked for. Remus gave the draught to Draco, who drank it. His breathing evened out, and he relaxed slightly. 

"Now, Draco, I'm going to fix you up." Remus said slowly. "Why don't you tell Mackenzie what happened." 

Draco turned to Mackenzie again. 

"Kenzie, I went down to the cellar, I was just curious, Mum and Father have never let me go down there so I snuck down when I thought they were busy, and I found... Oh, but we have to get help, they look almost dead-" 

"Who, Draco?" Mackenzie asked urgently. "Who did you find?" 

Draco stood up. "Your parents are alive!" 

Remus dropped the tin of balm.


Plot twist! Don't worry, I've got some more where that came from. 

Well, this was another long chapter, but I have been trying to improve the length and quality of my work. I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

See you later, pineapples!


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