Double Trouble

Sweet and quiet Harry and sassy and rambunctious Emily Potter have lived their lives with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin ever since their parents, James and Lily, were killed by Voldemort on October 31, 1981. Now, ten years and a few months later, the twins are getting ready for their first year at Hogwarts. But everything is not what it seems.


4. The Sorting Ceremony

As Mackenzie and Harry sat talking in their compartment, a redheaded boy with what seemed to be millions of freckles poked his head inside. 

"Excuse me, do you mind?" he asked. "Everywhere else is full." 

"Oh, not at all." Harry said, gesturing at the seat across from him, next to Mackenzie. 

The boy smiled slightly, entering and sitting down. "I'm Ron, by the way. Ron Weasley." 

Harry took his extended hand and shook it. "I'm Harry, Harry Potter." 

Ron's eyes seemed to bug out of his skull. "H-Harry Potter?" he croaked. "Blimey, I had no idea you were my age! Mum and Dad don't talk about you much, say it makes them too sad. They knew your parents, you see. Merlin, I never thought I'd meet you!"

Mackenzie cleared her throat significantly. 

"Oh, right, sorry." Ron held out his hand. "Ron Weasley. Who're you?" 

Emily took his hand gingerly. "Kenzie Potter." 

"Oh, cool! Are you related to Harry?" Ron asked. 

Harry tried to stifle a snort, while Mackenzie's stare hardened into her famous death-glare. 

"I'm his twin sister." 

Ron's eyes bugged again. "Really? I had no idea that Harry Potter had any  siblings, much less a twin! That's so cool! My brothers are twins, and they're an absolute nightmare to be around, but it seems like you two are pretty pleasant. They're jokesters, you see, love pranks, it drives Mum mad. There are always, like, explosions of some kind coming from their room, and they never let us come in while the noises are in there. They like to prank me and Percy most, Percy's my other brother, he's a Prefect and a git, they mostly leave Ginny alone, though, she's my younger sister, and Bill and Charlie aren't around much, so they avoid most of the trouble. Fred and George, they're the twins, pull the most awful pranks, too, things like messing up dinner when Mum's almost finished, or... well, they've blown up the car a few times, and Mum hates that one most, because it gives Dad the opportunity to charm bits and pieces of it while he's putting it back together; Dad's a bit mad, to be perfectly honest, he's completely obsessed with everything to do with Muggles, his job is even the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office at the Ministry, which Mum hates because it really doesn't pay well, and he keeps refusing promotions because he likes it where he is. But anyway, I've been talking a lot about me, what's it like where you come from, Harry?" 

"Well, er, I live with Remus Lupin and Sirius Black." Harry said. "They're pretty cool. They're pranksters, too, which is a bit difficult to live with as they seem to have passed that on to Mackenzie. It's funny, because they say that I look like Dad and act like Mum, while Mackenzie looks almost exactly like Mum did at that age, but acts so much like Dad. She's always ready for a joke, and you've really got to be on your toes around her." 

"What kind of pranks does she pull?" Ron asked. 

Harry opened his mouth to answer, but Mackenzie cut him off by clearing her throat loudly. 

"Excuse me, but I think you could ask those questions to the actual person you're talking about." she said icily. 

"Oh, er, right, sorry..." Ron said awkwardly. 

Before any of them could say any more, the compartment door opened. A girl with brown, bushy hair and rather large front teeth was standing in the doorway. 

"Excuse me, have any of you seen a toad?" she asked in a rather bossy sort of voice. "A boy named Neville's lost one." 

"No, we haven't, sorry." Mackenzie said. "Why don't you come in and join us?"

The girl looked at her for a moment, before slowly entering and lowering herself onto one of the seats. She looked around at the three already there. 

"Holy cricket!" she exclaimed, looking at Harry. "You're Harry Potter!" she extended her hand. "I'm Hermione Granger. And, you are?" she asked, looking rather distastefully at Ron and curiously at Mackenzie. 

"Ron Weasley." Ron introduced, around a mouthful of chocolate.

"Kenzie Potter." Mackenzie muttered. 

"Pleasure." Hermione said, not quite sounding as though she meant it. She turned back to Harry. "I've read all about you, of course, your story is quite fascinating, it a bit tragic, and I'm sure it's a bit terrifying, thinking that Voldemort tried to kill you for some reason and could be returning at any moment, but I'm sure your safe with, who was it, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, isn't it?" she didn't even pause for Harry to confirm this. "But it has got to get a bit lonely being an only child, doesn't it?" 

"Excuse me!" Mackenzie snapped indignantly. "But he is not an only child. You see, he's got a twin sister named Mackenzie Potter!" 

Hermione turned red. "Oh, um, I'm very sorry, Mackenzie, I had no idea..." 

Mackenzie stood up in a huff. "I can see Hogwarts. I'm going to change. You all can stay here and continue your little pow-wow." 

Angrily, she snatched her bag off the luggage rack, yanked her robes out of it, and stalked down the train to one of the many bathrooms.  When she returned, the other three were all wearing their robes, as well. Hermione and Ron were introducing themselves to each other and discussing their families. Harry pulled Mackenzie aside. 

"Look, Kenz, I'm really sorry about that." he said. 

Mackenzie pulled her arm out of his grasp and turned, but Harry caught hold of the other one. Rolling her eyes, Mackenzie turned back to him, folding her arms giving him a withering glare. 

"Listen, Mackenzie, it's not my fault!" Harry said, starting to get angry. "We were both only one year old! Why do you always get angry at me when people recognize me but not you?" 

Mackenzie sighed, glare melting and arms falling to her sides. 

"I'm not mad at you." she said quietly. "Not really. It's just... it's really frusterating, and annoying, when people are always fawning over you and giving you gifts and talking to you and just... being the way people get around you, and none of them are even aware that you exist. This Hermione, she's read, like, every book in existence about you! And not in a single one of them does it mention that you have a twin sister! It's like... I'm invisible or something, and then once people learn that I do exist, I'm not Kenzie Potter, the eleven-year-old girl, I'm Harry Potter's Twin Sister, the package deal with the famous Boy-Who-Lived. I can't be my own person, and I hate it!" 

Harry looked at her sadly. "I know how much that must annoy you. You're an extremely independant person who loves being in the spotlight, and having to live with me, where everyone knows me and I'm surrounded by this aura of fame, must be really hard for you. But if I'm being totally honest, I hate it. I don't like being the center of attention, I don't like that everyone knows everything about me. It's miserable for me. I'd much rather it were you. But Sirius really wanted to take you star-gazing that night, but Mum and Dad wanted someone to be home to celebrate Halloween with. It's not my fault that you weren't there. Plus, I'm famous for a really horrible reason. I'm famous because I was present when our parents were murdered, famous because the most evil man known to wizard-kind has marked me for murder, because I managed to survive when I should have died. Who wants to be famous for that? You don't have nightmares of green light and screaming following you everywhere you go. Or a stupid fricking scar that everyone likes to gawk at." 

Mackenzie laughed weakly. "Wow. Looks like we'd both prefer it if we swapped places." 

"What are you two talking about?" Ron asked, appearing between them. 

"Twin things." Mackenzie said. "Look, we're slowing down. We should get our things."

As the train slowed to a stop, the group of four gathered their things and prepared to exit the train. 

They met Hagrid on the platform, and made their slow journey across the lake in the boats. McGonagall led them through the Entrance Hall into a small chamber and gave them a lecture about what the houses mean and how each is fabulous and blah blah blah. Mackenzie tuned most of it out, until she said she would return when they were ready for the first years, and left. 

"Well, look who it is." A cold, drawling voice echoed through the small chamber. "The famous Harry Potter." 

Shoving his way through the other children was Draco Malfoy, the boy from Madam Malkin's. 

"Oh!" he turned to Mackenzie with over-dramatic, sarcastic surprise. "His weird little sidekick." 

Harry looked like he was getting angry, but Mackenzie grabbed his arm and pulled him back, stepping forward herself. 

"Yes!" she said, in the same strange, simpering tone as she adopted in the shop. "It is me! My name is Mackenzie, I don't think I got the chance to tell you that in Madam Malkin's. Your name is Draco Malfoy, right?"

Malfoy rolled his eyes. "Yes." 

"Excellent!" she exclaimed, clasping her hands together and beaming. "You know, I tried very hard to find you on the train, but all I could find were these two morons." she gestured at two huge boys that were flanking Malfoy. Obviously they were Malfoy's demented idea of 'friends.' 

Malfoy opened his mouth, but stopped as McGonagall entered the room. 

"We're ready for you now." she said coolly. 

The first years followed McGonagall into the Great Hall, and loud gasps erupted from them. It was beautiful. Candles floated in midair above four long tables, which were laden with gold plates and goblets. There were hundreds of students, all dressed in black, sitting at said tables. At the far side of the room, another table faced the four others, and there the teachers sat, looking out over the students. 

"When I call your name," McGonagall said, holding a long piece of parchment, "You will come up here, place the Sorting Hat on your head, and it will tell you which House to go in. Abbot, Hannah!" 

A blonde girl with pigtails tripped on her way up to the Hat, before being pronounced a Hufflepuff. 

Hermione Granger went to Gryffindor, and Greengrass, Daphne went to Slytherin. Malfoy, Draco was also sent to Slytherin with Crabbe, Vincent and Goyle, Gregory, but Bones, Susan was placed in Hufflepuff. The first Ravenclaw was Patil, Padma, and her twin sister, Parvati, joined Hermione in Gryffindor. 

"Potter, Mackenzie!" McGonagall called. 

Suddenly nervous, Mackenzie walked towards the stool. The walk seemed to take forever; the Hat didn't seem to be getting any closer. At last, she found herself standing in front of McGonagall, sitting down, and the Hat was dropped over her eyes. 

Miss Potter... a little voice whispered in her ear. How I hoped that I would meet you.

"Please just Sort me." Mackenzie peeped. 

Give me time, Miss Potter. The voice reprimanded. I can't rush this. But it appears that there's only one place for you.  

"SLYTHERIN!" the Hat shouted to the whole Hall. 

Mackenzie stood and scurried away from the stool, pausing as she passed Harry. She gave him a little smile, slightly sad, and sat down next to the girl named Daphne. 

To Mackenzie's slight dismay, Harry went to Gryffindor, along with Ron Weasley. And here she sat, stuck with Malfoy and his trolls, and a bunch of strangers. At least she knew Hermione. Sort of. But it didn't matter. She wasn't in Gryffindor, so she might as well get to know the people she would be living with. 

"Hello," she turned Daphne.

Daphne opened her mouth, but Dumbledore stood up, and the two girls turned to listen. 

"To our new students, welcome, and to our old students, welcome back!" Dumbledore said, beaming as he looked out over the students. "Before we get befuddled by our excellent feast, I have a few start of term notices that I feel should be addressed. First years please note, that the forest on the grounds is strictly forbidden. And a few of our older students should know by now, as well." his eyes flicked to someone at the Gryffindor table. 

"Moving past that, Mr. Filch has asked me to remind you that duelling in the corridors is banned, as are all the items on the list posted on his office door. If there is a question as to whether an item is allowed or not, please check said list."

"Now, my final notice, and most important one. The third floor corridor on the right-hand side is strictly forbidden to all students who do not wish to die a most painful death. I believe that is all of importance. Tuck in!" 

The food magically appeared on the tables. The first-year Muggleborns, or first-years without any older siblings, all gasped, and everyone began eating. 

"As I was about to say, hi." Daphne said. "My name is Daphne Greengrass."

"I'm Kenzie Potter." Mackenzie said, holding out her hand. 

"Pleasure to meet you." Daphne said, accepting the handshake. "This is Blaise Zabini," she gestured to a boy with dark brown skin beside her, "And Draco Malfoy." 

"Pleasure," Blaise said, shaking Mackenzie's hand as well. 

Draco said nothing, but to his credit, he did accept the handshake. 

"And down there is Theodore Nott, Gregory Goyle, and Vincent Crabbe but you don't want to associate with them." Daphne lowered her voice, gesturing to a boy with thin brown hair, and a rat-like face, and the two boys who looked like trolls.

"How do you know everybody?" Mackenzie asked, spooning mashed potatoes onto her plate. 

"I come from a long line of pure-blood Slytherins." Daphne shrugged. "My parents like all of their parents.  Blaise is nice, Draco... differs, Crabbe and Goyle are idiots, and Nott... well, Nott is bad news. Just stay away from him, and you'll be fine." 

"Okay." Mackenzie nodded. She turned to Draco. "So, Draco Malfoy. We've met before." 

"Yeah, you're the girl who kept acting like an idiot." Draco nodded, placing a roll onto his plate. 

"Because you kept acting like a jerk." Mackenzie shrugged. "I find that rather than firing back and starting a fight, it's better to act like an idiot and scare them off. Usually works." 

"Is that a ferret?" Blaise asked suddenly, pointing at Mackenzie's neck. 

Indeed, Serefina was draped around Mackenzie's shoulders. Unless you looked, she looked like a fluffy white scarf. 

"It is indeed." Mackenzie nodded. "Her name's Serefina."

"She's beautiful!" Daphne gently stroked Serefina's head. 

"Once we get to the dorms you can hold her." Mackenzie offered. "Where are the dorms anyway?" 

"We're lucky enough to get the dorms that are in the dungeons." Daphne rolled her eyes. "And since everyone thinks Slytherins are evil, they think it's fitting. But it doesn't really matter, because there are windows that are partially above the lake, and partially under. We can see fish, mermaids, gryndilows, sometimes the giant squid. My older sister, Astoria, she's down there with the blonde hair, says that people like talking to the mermaids. Once you get over the green light and the fact that for whatever reason people have decorated it with skulls, it's really quite nice. Plus, the dorms are in a different spot. Sort of. There's a short stairway leading to them, and then there's still the partially-underwater windows, but it's brighter in there, without the skulls and stuff. At least it is in the girls' dorms."

"Sounds nice." Mackenzie said, mostly truthful. 

The food disappeared from the plates, to be replaced by desserts. 

"Holy cow, that's a lot of ice cream!" Mackenzie exclaimed, pointing at a large platter stacked high with strangely unmelting blocks of ice cream. 

The students dug in with more vigor this time, and there was a lull in conversation. As soon as the desserts disappeared, Dumbledore stood. 

"Now that we have all been fed and watered, it is time for bed. You all have a busy day tomorrow. Off you trot!" 

"What are we, horses?" Draco grumbled under his breath. 

"Horses?" Mackenzie laughed nervously. "Of course not! We're all one hundred percent human! Absolutely!" she suddenly leaned in close to him, and dropped her voice to a whisper. "Who've you been talking to?" 

Draco  looked thoroughly creeped out. 

"Relax, Draco, I'm kidding." Mackenzie rolled her eyes. "You really need to lighten up." 

It was Draco's turn to roll his eyes. 

Once in her dorm room, Mackenzie sat on her bed and looked around. It was nice enough. The silky green comforter had silky grey sheets underneath, and a green and grey fluffy blanket lay across the end of the bed. The four-posters had green velvet curtains around them, and the walls were painting a blue-ish grey. They reminded Mackenzie of Draco's eyes. 

There were three other girls, besides Mackenzie and Daphne. 

"Hi." Mackenzie said cheerfully. "I'm Mackenzie Potter. What are your names?" 

"Pansy Parkingson." A girl who looked like a squirrel snapped, before pulling her curtains closed around her bed. 

"Millicent Bulstrode." A rather large, mean-looking girl snarled, following suit. 

"Tracey Davis." A girl with sandy-blonde hair said. "It's nice to meet you, Mackenzie Potter. What's your name?" she turned to Daphne.

"Daphne Greengrass." Daphne introduced herself. 

"Pleasure." Tracey said. She seemed polite enough, but seemed to have no interest in saying anything after that, as she, too, pulled her curtains closed. 

"Well everyone here is just so nice." Mackenzie said sarcastically under her breath. "I wonder where the evil thing came from!" 

Daphne snorted.  


Holy crap, you gusy! 2950 words, not including this A/N. Sorry it took so long to get this out, but I wanted it to be good, so I took my time. Hopefully it is good... :/

Anyway, we're about to eat dinner, so I can't be on here much longer. Hope you enjoyed this chapter! I'm having some troubles, though... I know who Mackenzie's going to be friends with, except for one person. Any guesses as to who that is?



























If you guess Draco Malfoy, you were correct! I have absolutely NO idea what i want Mackenzie's relationship with him to be. Friend? Enemy? Boyfriend? Future husband? Lily&James type? What do you want, people, what?!?!?!

Please tell me your thoughts in the comments! 

See you next chapter, my pineapples!

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