Double Trouble

Sweet and quiet Harry and sassy and rambunctious Emily Potter have lived their lives with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin ever since their parents, James and Lily, were killed by Voldemort on October 31, 1981. Now, ten years and a few months later, the twins are getting ready for their first year at Hogwarts. But everything is not what it seems.


3. The Hogwarts Express

"Kenzie!" Remus's voice echoed up from the entry hall to Mackenzie's bedroom. "Time to go!" 

"Coming!" she shouted back. 

Mackenzie was standing in front of her open trunk, fingering one of her robes. She was very excited to go to Hogwarts, but she was also terrified. What if nobody liked her! What if nobody would talk to her. They'd all be too busy fawning over Famous Harry Potter to pay any attention to Harry Potter's Not-Famous Sister Who Was At Sirius Black's House At The Time So Didn't See Voldmort.

Nevertheless, she closed her trunk, picked it up, and dropped it. It was a lot heavier than she'd thought. So Mackenzie ended up dragging her trunk down two flights of stairs, with a loud thump on each step. 

"Kenzie, you're going to ruin your trunk." Remus sighed, rolling his eyes and heading up the stairs to help her. 

"Well I can't very well use magic, now can I?" Mackenzie said sassily. 

"Please don't sass your teachers like that." Remus said quietly, half to himself.

"No promises." Mackenzie replied, grinning. 

"Harry and Sirius are already out in the car." Remus informed her. "Are you ready to go?" 

"Yes." Mackenzie nodded, almost as if she were trying to convince herself. "Yes, I'm ready." 

Remus smiled softly at her. "You'll be fine, you know." 

"What?" Mackenzie looked up at him. 

"I can see it in your eyes." Remus bent down and laid his hands on her shoulders. "Mackenzie, I promise you, you'll do amazing at Hogwarts. You have so much talent, both magical and otherwise, and an amazing personality. You're a beautiful, smart, funny, and gifted young girl. You'll be fine."

"Thanks." Mackenzie said sofly, turning her eyes to the ground. "I'm just so worried... what if people only talk to me because they want to get close to Harry? What if they don't talk to me at all? What if all the teachers hate me?"

"What if they talk to you because they want to be friends with you?" Remus asked. "What if they talk to you all the time? What if all the teachers love you? You'll never know the answers unless we get there." 

Mackenzie took a deep breath. "Okay. Now I really am ready. Let's go." 

She and Remus each grabbed an end of her trunk and carefully manuvered it out the door. 

"There you are!" Harry exclaimed, as Mackenzie slid next to him in the back seat. "You took forever!" 

"Your sister had a few last minute things to do." Remus said. "Everyone buckled up? Alright, let's go." 

About halfway to the station, Mackenzie suddenly shrieked. "Wait! Where's Serefina?" 

"Kenzie, you didn't forget her!" Sirius groaned. 

"Oh, no, nevermind." Mackenzie leaned back in her seat. "I found her." 

They made it to the station with ten minutes before the train left. 

"Okay you two, out, let's get a move on!" Sirius opened the trunk of the car as Remus returned with trollies. "Let's go, let's go." 

Harry and Remus went through the barrier first. Mackenzie looked up at Sirius. 

"You're sure it'll let me through?" she asked. 

"Of course it will let you through!" Sirius exclaimed. "Come on, you want to go together?" 

Mackenzie nodded. She and Sirius both grabbed the trolley and started jogging towards the barrier. Mackenzie closed her eyes and leaned back, braced for the crash, but it never came. Instead, she opened her eyes as Platform 9 3/4 materialised in front of her, complete with a scarlet steam engine. 

"Wow," Mackenzie whispered. 

Sirius smiled down at her. "Pretty amazing, huh?"

"Yes!" Mackenzie gasped. "Yes, it's beautiful!"

"You and Harry need to hurry, the train will be leaving soon." Remus appeared, Harry in tow. "Come on, come on. Sirius, help me get their trunks into the luggage compartment." 

As Sirius and Remus struggled with the trunks, Mackenzie and Harry gathered Serefina and Hedwig, and picked up their bags, which held their robes, wands, and a few books and magazines to read during the ride. 

"Alright, you two." Remus and Sirius had managed to get the trunks onto the train, and had now returned. "You make sure you behave yourselves, alright?" Remus looked pointedly at Mackenzie.

"But also be sure to have fun." Sirius winked at them. 

"I don't know why you're all looking at me," Mackenzie said, with over-dramatic fake innocence. "I'd never do anything that was against the rules." 

Sirius, Remus, and Harry all looked at each other, before bursting out laughing. After pretending to glare at them, Mackenzie joined in. 

"Alright, well, we'd better go find a compartment before the train leaves without us." Harry said, shouldering his bag. "Ready, Kenz?" 

"If you are, Har." Mackenzie also picked up her bag, and set Serefina on her shoulder. The twins hugged their guardians, before turning to face the train. 

"Prepare yourself, Hogwarts," Harry said, as he squared his shoulders. 

"You're in for some double trouble." Mackenzie finished. 

The two smiled at each other, before boarding the train, heading off to their first adventure at Hogwarts. 

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