Double Trouble

Sweet and quiet Harry and sassy and rambunctious Emily Potter have lived their lives with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin ever since their parents, James and Lily, were killed by Voldemort on October 31, 1981. Now, ten years and a few months later, the twins are getting ready for their first year at Hogwarts. But everything is not what it seems.


10. Christmas

So it occurred to me I should probably tell you this... for those of you that had already read past chapters, Emily's name has been changed to Mackenzie. For those of you who started with Mackenzie, disregard this message. 

"What do you mean, my parents are alive?" Mackenzie said blankly. "They were killed by Voldemort on Halloween ten years ago. Everyone knows that." 

"Yes, but what everyone knows is wrong!" Draco said urgently. "Like I said, I was bored, I was curious, so I snuck down to the cellar to explore an area of the house I'd never been in before. I went in there and found two people, extremely dirty, underfed, weak. They looked on the brink of death. They asked me who I was, so I said I was Draco Malfoy and asked who they were. They said their names were Lily and James. I remembered that you said your parents were named Lily and James. So I asked if they had two kids named Harry and Mackenzie. When they said yes, I told them about how you're my best friend, and as they were saying something else, my father found me. He locked me in my bedroom and... wasn't particularly nice. But I've always hidden Floo powder in my room. He won't go back up there until morning, so as long as I'm back by then..." 

"You're not going back!" Sirius exclaimed. Putting aside any hatred he had of the Malfoy's, he could not let a child return to an environment like the one he himself lived in. "I'll nip back in and grab your trunk and anything else you need, and then you'll stay with us. It's Christmas Eve, Daphne and Blaise should be here with their families soon. We'll celebrate Christmas together, and we'll work out what to do about Lily and James."

"Ron's dad works with the Ministry." Harry piped up. "He can get a raid on their house. They could find them." 

"Well, Ron and Hermione will be here soon, too, so we'll bring that up." Remus nodded, picking the balm back up. "But we'd better get Draco fixed up before our guests get here."

A clanging doorbell echoed throughout the house. 

"Too late." Draco sighed, sitting back down on the sofa. 

Mackenzie ran to get the door. 

"Daphne! You'll never believe what just happened!" 

"What?" Daphne asked, stepping inside with her parents and sisters. 

"My parents are alive!" Mackenzie squealed. "Draco found them in his basement. They've been down there for ten years and he had no idea but now he's found them so we're going to get Ron's dad too- Mr. Weasley! Come inside, quick, we need your help!" 

"Kenzie, let them breath!" Sirius appeared. "Welcome, everyone. You're all just in time for dinner." 

Hermione and Blaise arrived before the Weasley's and Greengrasses had finished entering the house. As Mackenzie and Daphne made their way to the sitting room, they found Draco and Remus, not finished yet. 

"Draco!" Daphne shrieked, drawing everyone into the sitting room. "What on earth happened to you?" 

Draco waited until all his friends were there, before recounting the story about finding the Potters and his father's anger. 

"So, Arthur," Remus said, putting the last bit of balm on Draco's final bruise. "We were wondering if you could get a raid on the Malfoy house. Maybe have the Potter's home before Christmas is over." 

"It's definitely possible." Arthur allowed. "But they probably wouldn't be home for a few weeks. If they've been living with Death Eaters, sorry Draco, for ten years, they'll probably need St. Mungo's."

"They definitely need St. Mungo's." Draco butted in. "There's definitely broken bones, I could see from the way they moved." 

Arthur nodded. "I'll just go alert the Ministry, and then I'll be back." 

"Hurry back, Arthur, and then we'll start with dinner." Remus said.

"No, no, don't wait for me." Arthur shook his head. "I won't be long." 

"Are you sure...?" Molly asked slowly. 

Arthur nodded, smiling at her. "I'll be right back." 

He left the room. 

Everyone migrated to the dining room, where Remus emerged first, carrying the turkey. Everyone hurried to help, and soon, the table was groaning under the weight of dozens of dishes. Turkey, potatoes, stuffing, beans, cranberry sauce, jello, fruits, vegetables, and more. After exclaiming about how good everything looked, everyone waited for Remus to take his seat after setting a gravy boat on the table, and the meal began. 

About ten minutes in, Arthur rejoined the group. 

"They're sending someone as we speak." he announced, and Draco visibly relaxed. "They're going to send me  patronus once they return to the Ministry." 

"Excellent, Arthur." Molly beamed. "Now why don't you have a seat, get some turkey..." 

After dinner and dessert, the group moved into the living room. 

"Now, this may be different for some of you, but Harry, Kenzie, Remus and I have a bit of a tradition." Sirius began speaking as they gathered in front of the Christmas tree. "On Christmas Eve, everyone selects one present to open. We do it a bit like a secret-Santa. We put names in a hat, everyone draws one, and the name they got gets a present. Make sense?" Everyone murmured assent. "Is there anyone who does not want to participate?" 

Nobody said anything, so Sirius shrugged. Flicking his wand, he conjured slips of paper with everybody's names on them and a hat. Placing the names inside the hat, he then passed it around, and everybody pulled a name. Mackenzie had Maddie's name. 

Everyone took turns approaching the tree and carefully selecting a gift. 

"Alright." Sirius clapped his hands. "Who wants to go first?" 

Daphne leaped up. "May I please, Mr. Black?" 

"Absolutely." Sirius smiled. "And you can call me Sirius." 

Daphne smiled back, a bit shyly, and approached Blaise. She extended the package in her hands. 

"Here." she said. "I thought you'd like this." 

Blaise carefully unwrapped the package, revealing a wristwatch decorated with golden snakes. 

"It's beautiful, Daph!" Blaise said, hugging her. "Thank you!" 

"Well, you've mentioned that you'd like a watch, so I thought..." Daphne trailed off with a shrug. 

"Meaning you keep bugging her to tell you what time it is during class." Mackenzie snickered. 

"Shut up, Kenzie." Blaise rolled his eyes. 

"Blaise, why don't you go next?" Remus suggested. 

Blaise gave Remus a book on Defense Against the Dark Arts, which had always been his favourite subject at school, as Mackenzie had told him. Remus, in turn, gave Daphne's mother a beautiful necklace, decorated with sapphires, which Mackenzie had reported were her favourite gem. Daphne's mother gave Harry a new cloak in a beautiful shade of green that complemented his eyes nicely. Harry gave Sirius a stuffed black dog, which most of the guests didn't understand, but caused the twins, Sirius, and Remus to laugh. Sirius passed a set of Canons Quidditch robes to Ron, as Harry had informed him that the Chudley Canons were Ron's favourite Quidditch team. Ron turned to Hermione, turning slightly red as he gave her a journal decorated with flowers and hummingbirds that flew and waved in the wind. Hermione beamed and gave Blaise's mother a charm bracelet, and she gave her husband a wand holster. Blaise's father passed Daphne's father a book on magical creatures, which Blaise had told him Daphne had said he was fascinated in. Daphne's father passed Savannah a fake wand that glowed and emitted harmless sparks. Savannah gave Astoria a headband studded with emeralds and diamonds, and Astoria gave Maddie a beautiful new jumper in a pale blue. Maddie shyly approached Mackenzie and gave her a fancy new quill and color-changing ink. Mackenzie then approached Draco. 

"I thought you might like this." she said, handing him a beautifully wrapped package. Draco took it and unwrapped it carefully. It turned out to be a broomcare kit, as when Sirius had collected his things, it was revealed that he had a broom. 

"I love it Kenzie, thank you!" Draco exclaimed, giving her a hug. 

Neither noticed Harry and Ron smirk at each other behind their backs. 

Draco gave Fred joke items, and Fred gave George the same thing. George gave Ginny something she'd longed for; the promise to take her to Diagon Alley and get a cat. Ginny gave Percy stationary, and he gave Molly her own Weasley sweater. Molly gave Arthur a collection of Muggle items; a rubber duck, a hairdryer, and sparkplugs. Arthur then passed a gift of a bracelet and matching earrings to Daphne. 

"Is that everyone?" Sirius asked. When nobody said otherwise, he opened his mouth to continue, but stopped when a silvery light streaked through the window. A lynx formed, and spoke in a slow, deep voice. 

"We have them." 

Mackenzie leaped up. 

"Does he mean James and Lily?" she shrieked. "Does that mean they're actually alive? They're safe now? They're in St. Mungo's?" 

"I think it does." Arthur smiled at the twins, Sirius and Remus. 

Mackenzie began screaming and jumping up and down. She and Harry hugged each other, and then they each hugged their guardians, who then hugged each other. Nobody missed the tears forming in Sirius and Remus's eyes. 

"They're alive, Pads." Remus whispered. 

"They're alive." Sirius whispered back, and the two gathered the twins into a group hug. 

"I'm going to go speak with Kingsley a bit more." Arthur stood. "I'm going to ask that nobody rush off to St. Mungo's until I return with news about their situation." 

Everybody murmured in assent, and Arthur left once more. 

"Well, I guess we'll carry on until he returns." Sirius shrugged. "Now, we usually read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' in front of the fire with hot chocolate, and then we go to bed." 

After collecting their chocolate, the group gathered in front of the fireplace, and Sirius opened the book. 

"'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse..." 

By the time Sirius finished, the children were all asleep, and the parents on their way. They awoke, however, when Sirius closed the book at the same time Arthur reappeared in the house. 

"How are they?" Mackenzie immediately asked, pushing herself off of Draco's shoulder and lurching to her feet. "Can we see them?" 

"They're in St. Mungo's, and not in great shape." Arthur reported. "They're currently sleeping, and the Healers would prefer if they remained that way for most of the healing. You can see them tomorrow." 

Mackenzie nodded, slowly lowering herself back onto the ground and returning her head to Draco's shoulder. 

"Let's get you kids off to bed." Sirius suggested. "We've got a big day tomorrow, bigger than we thought apparently." 

The kids all headed off to their rooms, and fell asleep extremely quickly, exhausted from the excitement of the day.


Mackenzie woke up screaming for the first time in years, flailing around in bed, panicked from her nightmare. She calmed as the door opened, and a certain blonde young man poked his head in. 

"Are you okay?" he whispered. 

Mackenzie, breathing deeply, nodded slowly. "Just a nightmare." she said. "I'm fine." 

Draco nodded, and started to withdraw from the room. 

"Wait!" Mackenzie shrieked, lifting her hand towards the door. 

Draco stopped, looking at her. 

Mackenzie looked down at her lap, embarrassed by her next words. "Will you stay with me?" 

Surprised, Draco hesitated, but then nodded, entering fully and lay on the bed next to Mackenzie. 

"Do you want to talk about it?" he whispered.

Mackenzie shook her head. "No. I just... I just don't want to be alone tonight." 

Draco nodded. He stiffened slightly when Mackenzie, only half-awake, wrapped her arms around his waist and snuggled her head into his chest, but relaxed after a moment, and fell asleep next to her. 


Mackenzie awoke early on Christmas day, and immediately wondered why somebody else was in her bed with her. Then, the events of midnight returned to her, and she relaxed, laying still until Draco stirred and sat up slowly. 

"Good morning." she whispered. 

Draco jumped slightly and looked down at her, before smiling. 

"Good morning, Kenzie." he said quietly. 

"Thanks for staying with me." Mackenzie murmured. "But you'd probably get back to your room so Moony and Padfoot don't kill you." 

Draco nodded and stood, tiptoeing to the door and exiting silently. 

Mackenzie stretched and sat up, rubbing her eyes and brushing impatiently at her hair. Realizing it was only five in the morning, but also acknowledging the fact that there was no way she was falling back asleep, she collected a book and read until eight, when she heard others begin to move around the house. 

Once everyone was awake, the group gathered in the living room again and proceeded to exchange gifts. By ten in the morning, they were finished, and Mackenzie stood. 

"Can we go to St. Mungo's now?" she asked. 

Sirius smiled at her. "I suppose we could do that." he said. 

Remus turned to their guests. "Any of you that would like to are welcome to come." 

The Weasleys all agreed to come, as did Hermione, Blaise, Daphne, and Draco. The rest of their families all declined. They hadn't known James and Lily, after all, and didn't want to intrude. 

"Well, let's get a move on." Sirius clapped his hands. 

It was only once Mackenzie was standing just outside the hospital room that she realized just how terrified she was. 

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