Eight years ago, her mother got into a horrific accident that left the poor woman in a deep coma, leaving Blue to do the unthinkable in order to keep her alive. Blue needed more than just minimum wage. In desperation, Blue turned to the lifestyle of an escort to be able to stabilize her financial worries between her mother’s health and her own personal survival.

One day Blue’s life takes a drastic turn when she meets Miles Hull, a mysterious man with an inner beast and a fearsome profession. Eventually, Blue's curiosity of Miles gets the best of her...

Trapped with a man that might kill her, Blue finds herself entangled in a web of mixed feelings and confusion. Is she afraid of the man that might kill her, or the feelings she's developing for him?


"Trust goes both ways, Blue. If you decide to become a threat-" He began to say.

"Wait! What? I-I'm not a threat! You're the one who forced me to come with you. You gave me no choice. You threatened me, remember?" She disputed f


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1. Prologue



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  Blue realized her life had fallen into an abyss of unwanted discovery after meeting Miles, now knowing what he was. It felt almost like she had been wearing a blindfold over her eyes this whole time. She was so numbed by her lifestyle that it made her oblivious to the strange events going on in the city of New York, such as news reports regarding mutilated bodies of victims, and uncanny rumors of animal attacks. Maybe I should have paid more attention at the time, Blue thought. She came to discover the hard way that there are unearthly things that exist out there in the world. Inhuman things. Things like a beast dwelling beneath the flesh and, when you've witnessed it ripping itself out of the flesh of someone, you come to understand the very definition of the word, inhuman.

The rain hadn't stopped since Miles and Blue left the city. Instead, it rained harder and, along with it, came the rolls of thunder that had become more aggressive with each passing hour. From the looks of it, the storm wasn't going to end anytime soon. Miles hadn't said a word to Blue throughout the ride. The silence between them made her uncomfortable. It made her more nervous than when they left his apartment.

The road that Miles decided to take was lacking street lights; the only two things illuminating the road were the moon and the headlights coming from his pickup. Blue couldn't tell if they were traveling some form of country road. It looked to be in the middle of nowhere as all she was able to see were nothing but tall trees.They were like skyscrapers hovering over one another. She could only guess since the road they were on was located between the woods. It was hard to make out, considering the raindrops that were pelting against the windshield. Those poor windshield wipers were working extra hard, quickly swiping from one side to another, but still, everything looked blurry.

Blue kept glancing at Miles from the corner of her left eye. There was a question lurking in her head. She wanted to know the answer but was afraid to know at the same time. She took a deep breath. After gathering herself, Blue nerved herself to ask him the question.

"Miles, what are you?" Given how his jaw clenched at the question Blue immediately regretted asking. He didn't look at her. He kept his eyes forward, locked on the road.

After a moment of silence, he finally replied, "Do you really need to ask a question to which you already know the answer to?" His voice was flat; not a single emotion was heard in his tone. "Its two-thousand and sixteen, kid. I am positive that your generation has come across the idea about my kind with your inaccurate, shitty movies and storybooks. And still, you walking sacks of meat, can't seem to get the facts right either."

Blue rolled her eyes. She hated when he called her that, Kid. She was twenty-three years old and he was thirty-five. It was just a ten-year difference! After all, she was an adult by legal standards. Yet, Miles treated her like she was some teenager.

Redirecting her attention back to his answer, an unsettling feeling returned to her. Blue felt a lump form in her throat. Miles was right, she did have an idea of what he was, and it scared her to know that her assumptions were confirmed. Who wouldn't know these days if they had witnessed what she had? When Blue was just a preteen, she read books, watched movies, and, like everyone else, had heard the rumors of unsolved cases involving strange animal attacks. The victims mercilessly slaughtered and dismembered. However, she grew up and like some people, Blue included, didn't give in to the ideas of monsters or creatures existing. They were just myths, right?

Blue was beginning to wish she had not asked the question. After what she saw Miles do to those men several hours ago made her practically shiver. The images were attempting to creep back into her mind. She didn't want to remember! Blue quickly shut her eyes to avoid seeing the images in her head. The hairs on her arms began to stand. Her stomach twisted. She suddenly felt sick.

"Stop the car," Blue said to Miles. She could feel her stomach churning again.

"I'm not stopping the car, " Miles replied, "You're going to have to hold it." He assumed Blue needed to use the bathroom. Little did he know, that wasn't the case.

Blue began to pant. "Miles, Stop the car," She begged him, fighting the urge to vomit. Until this very moment, Blue had been doing her best to push away the morbid memories. Like a film, the frightening images were uncontrollably flickering, one after another, in her mind. Blood splattered everywhere, guts scattered, the sound of flesh tearing apart. The gruesome sight of the beast snapping its jaws around the neck of a man and ripping away at his jugular. Those men and the sounds of their blood-curdling screams. The beast transforming. Miles.

Blue started feeling sick all over again. She turned her body halfway facing Miles. "Stop. The. Car." Blue said through her uneven breathing, more assertive this time. The nausea was intensifying and the previous meal she had eaten was beginning to forcefully crawl up her throat.

Miles became annoyed. "Look, kid, I already told yo-" He attempted to argue, but Blue wasn't having it.

"Unless you want me to vomit in your precious pickup," She told him through gritted teeth; her eyes glaring at him, "STOP THE FUCKING CAR!" she shouted distressed.

Miles hit the brakes, the tires screeched and his car came to an abrupt halt. He was evidently ticked off, but Blue was too ill to care. She rushed out of his car, crouched over the grass, and instantly began hurling. Load upon load, she was vomiting chunks of milky substance. Blue gagged a few times and just when she thought she was done, she felt the urge to puke again. If there was thing Blue despised, it was throwing up. For her, it was the worst feeling in the world. The feeling of her eyes bulging while they also watered was not her cup of tea. Or the feeling of oxygen being denied because her body was so preoccupied; giving her the metaphorical middle finger so it can release the crap it doesn't want. It was not exactly a sensational feeling to her.

Blue felt even worse puking out of Miles' car since it was bitterly cold and was still raining. She knew she was going to look like a pathetic, wet puppy once she was done. While Blue was occupied in what felt like vomiting out-her-organs, she heard Miles step out of his car and close the door. Great, Blue thought. Is he going to rush me while I'm busy puking my guts out? Her body began trembling as she remained bent over the grass. She hacked violently before sharply coughing. Blue then felt Miles' presence behind her. His rough fingers gently gripped her soaked, sapphire locks, and then pulled the strands away from her face. Blue froze at that moment. She was surprised, to be honest; she didn't expect such a kind gesture from the man. How could she expect such a gesture from someone who'd been a total asshole to her since they first met?

Miles didn't say anything. He just stood over Blue, holding her hair in place. Blue found herself struggling to hide a faint smile that kept threatening to grip her lips. She shamefully allowed the daring smile to win. Blue felt a little guilty because now Miles was going to be drenched from the rain, if not already. Sadly, she couldn't linger in the warmth of his kind gesture. The lovely moment was interrupted when she felt another wave of nausea hit her. She vomited one last time.

Blue stood up straight ready to wipe her mouth with the back of her hand. Right as she brought her hand up to do so, Miles gripped her wrist, stopping her. She stared at him, startled. He took his free hand and calmly lowered it to the right pocket of his jeans, pulling out a napkin. He let go of her wrist and brought the napkin towards her lips with his hand, silently wiping over her plump, pink brims. She could see his eyes tracing them, following the movement of his hand.

The napkin was quickly becoming wet. It wasn't until his eyes suddenly locked onto her own that Blue felt her heart stop. Sure, it was dark, and all they had were the headlights of his car, but Blue could see him staring directly at her. She uncomfortably glanced back at him. She managed to sneak an opportunity to see the color of his irises. Blue couldn't help but to mentally admit that the man had a pair of incredibly, alluring eyes. They were as gray as mist and transparent enough to make anyone feel like they were going to fall into them. She felt her face heat and inwardly thanked the universe that it was dark. She was sure he couldn't tell her cheeks were flushed, at least she hoped so. Miles' voice suddenly interrupted her thoughts.

"Blue, I know what you saw; what I did to those men isn't easy to digest," He uttered while slowly cleaning her rosy lips, "But I need you to trust me and understand that I'm not going to hurt you unless you give me a reason to."

Blue found it hard to concentrate on his words with that British accent of his. It kept making her stomach perform somersaults. It also didn't help how masculine his voice sounded. It was deeply rich and serious most of the time. She could almost hear the vibration in his throat each time he uttered a word. Blue was beginning to shiver. Her clothes were tightly gripping her skin. They were soaked. It was at this moment that Blue wished she had a jacket and was not wearing a white top. She found it strange that he wasn't fazed by the rain or the fact that it was teeth-chattering cold. His first few words were comforting; however, she suddenly realized what he said.

His last sentence made Blue suddenly tense, drawing her out of her personal thoughts. "Unless I give you a reason to?" She asked apprehensively. He took his hand away from her lips and tossed the wet napkin onto the grass before shoving his hands back into his pockets. He ignored the heavy raindrops that kept falling over his face and eyelashes. He glanced back at her.

"Trust goes both ways, Blue. If you decide to become a threat-" He began to say.

"Wait! What? I-I'm not a threat! You're the one who forced me to come with you. You gave me no choice. You threatened me, remember?" She disputed frantically over the rain.

"I'm aware of that, kid," Miles slowly approached her closing the gap between them. Blue felt her breath shorten. She wanted shrink right there and then. The man was already intimidating, and his towering height compared to her own short stature didn't help. He kept his palms hidden in his pockets while he stared her down with a straight face. "But who's fault was that, hm?" He cocked an eyebrow at her, "Maybe if you hadn't poked your nose in where it didn't belong, you, Darling, wouldn't be in this predicament. As I've told you before, you're a witness now, Blue, and I'm not taking any chances of exposure. The last thing I need is unwanted attention interrupting my job affairs and ruining my reputation."

"A job? Your reputation? Of what? Killing people or the ... thing you are? Is that what you're worried about? People finding out what you are and what you do? I saw you heartlessly slaughter those guys!" The words instinctively flew out of Blue's mouth. She couldn't help it. She felt this sudden rage and disgust. It was horrifying what he did. It was beyond words! She was still trying to wrap her head around it all and maybe she was still in shock.

Miles' face suddenly hardened, and his eyes shifted red; the color of a ruby stone. His pupils contracted to the size of a dot. The change of his hues occurred in sheer milliseconds and it was more than enough to freak Blue out. "A thing?" He resentfully repeated. She nearly stumbled back when his face inched closer to hers. Fury was written all over Miles' countenance. "Kid, you're treading on thin ice here." His voice angrily lowered. "You have some nerve talking like this considering how we met. Should I remind you?" He coldly said glaring at her. "Sure, you're human and not some monster like me, I get that, but your job isn't quite the flowery career that allows you to judge my actions or the very thing I am, is it?"

Blue swallowed dryly before her lips drew thin. She glanced away from him disliking where he was going with the subject. She felt a sting in her chest. Even so, her face was unmoved and she stood her ground. "Go ahead, say it," Blue replied, "I know what I am. I'm a prostitute, a whore, a slut. I've heard it all my life. I'm numb to it, but at least I don't go around killing people!" She snapped. "What I am and what I do is because I don't have a choice, Miles. A jerk like you wouldn't understand." Blue didn't see a point of explaining her reasons for being a high paying escort. In her mind, Miles wouldn't have understood anyway.

Miles gave a snort. He gripped Blue's chin firmly forcing her to look at him. She wanted to smack his hand away along with that lopsided smirk that was imprinted on his mouth. She was ironically offended and tempted to call him all kinds of names but she just glared at him instead.

"Maybe I wouldn't, Blue, but at least you understand now." He said.

Blue scoffed. "Understand what exactly?"

Miles exhaled through his nostrils letting go of her chin before responding, "That what I am and what I do is because I also don't have a choice."

Blue crossed her arms, staring at him profoundly, waiting for him to elaborate. She was curious to know what he meant by that statement. Disappointed, he just pulled himself to stand back up straight, saying nothing else. A moment later she sighed and felt a pit of guilt settle in her stomach. Here she was calling him a monster but for all she knew, maybe this wasn't his fault, right? Maybe he was born or made into one. Blue didn't know. She had yet to find out Miles' story. How did he become what he is? A man who struggles every day to contain a beast within. She wanted to ask but figured right now wasn't the right time. She already pissed the guy off.

Blue stood there, momentarily absentminded. As much I don't want to admit it, Miles is right, Blue pondered while eyeing Miles. I wish I had just minded my own damn business, and thanks to my curious, clumsy self, I ended up entangled in this lethal mess. Not to mention, with a hitman. Only, he isn't just some ordinary hitman but something far worse. Something far from human. He's.... a Lycan.

Blue inhaled. "I'm sorry," She apologized. "You're right. I'm in no place to judge you."

Having stayed silent, Miles' face remained stale. He inhaled, irritated, and peeled his eyes away from her. "Alright, I'm tired of being soaked underneath this damn rain. We need to get going." He motioned, though he suddenly stood eerily still. He began to sniff the air a couple of times. Something had caught Miles' attention. It was as if he was listening to a noise. His gray hues began to scan around them, then stopped, gazing passed Blue and towards the dark forest. He tensed. It made Blue skittish.

"Miles, what is-" she attempted to ask.

He instantly covered her mouth with one hand, and with the other, he motioned with his index finger over his lips, telling her to keep quiet. Blue gulped. He leaned into her ear and spoke in a hushed tone. "Don't say anything. There is something in those woods." Blue felt her blood leave her face. Miles stood up straight and attentively listened again, letting his palm slide away from her mouth. She felt fear caving in on her. She couldn't hear or see anything but it seemed like Miles was hearing something. He sniffed the air again before his eyes narrowed. "Get in the car." He said abruptly, and when Blue didn't move fast enough he gripped her arm roughly, hurrying her towards the passenger door.

"Ow! You're hurting me." Blue replied alarmed and confused. " I don't hear anything. Miles!" She stopped him demanding answers in panic." What's going on?!".

This only triggered Miles' temper and he firmly gripped her shoulder. His attention briefly returned to what he was hearing. He glanced behind him, staring back towards the woods. The source of the noise was nearing closer. Miles faced Blue. His eyes were no longer the gentle gray clouds again. She watched them pool crimson once more and then dim, like the way the end of cigarettes does after being lit and inhaled. This time, his eyes remained that unnatural, blood red.

"I won't ask you again, kid." Miles sharply said to her. He released an animalistic snarl that daunted her.

Blue's heart dropped, and she hitched a breath. She didn't dare to contend with him now. It wasn't easy standing in front of a man whose eyes had dramatically turned scarlet, similar to that of a wolf's. For Blue, it was like living in a horror film, only she was currently experiencing it at first hand.

"Okay! Okay. I'm going." Blue exclaimed terrified. She rushed towards the passenger door and unlocked it.

"Lock the doors!" Miles demanded.

"Wait, aren't you coming?!" She shouted back worried. He didn't look at her. Instead, he shut the door behind her. "Miles!" All Blue could see through the window was his Miles' back and the direction he was facing, which was the woods.

Suddenly, Blue's mouth went agape and she stiffened. Something large was emerging from the woods. Her eyes widened and breath shook. "Miles...? Miles ...Get in the car!!! Miles!!" She shrieked, slapping the glass loudly with the palms of her hands trying to get the man's attention. Was he just going to stay out there?! She went to unlock the door in an attempt to grab Miles, but with the single sound of a click, the locks dropped and Blue was locked in his truck. She glanced up, baffled. Through the glass, Blue could see Miles putting his keys back into his pocket.

"Miles, what are you doing?!" She hollered hysterically. She suddenly spotted a pair of yellow orbs from the woods belonging to that large figure, stalking towards Miles. A menacing growl followed from its throat. When it finally exposed itself from the headlights of the pickup, every part of Blue's body became rigid. She couldn't move from shock.

"Oh ... God." Blue's voice quivered.


Disclaimer: The art used in my book cover design is not mine to claim, therefore I do not claim them. Credit to the original artist. It is used for entertainment purposes. Book cover Graphic designer- @-rayofsunshine. ( She did an amazing job with my book cover) 


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