Cathurian Tales

Set in a modern world; in a nation named Cathuria. Each city in each state is divided into Wards and Sectors. Wards are owned by Parties, against whom the Brotherhoods have a deep disgust. D.E.M.A, an organization which controls all the defense branches across the nation, confronts a new Party.

September 10th, 2017-- The Cathurian Papers, which contain the rights of the government and the citizens, are stolen, divided in five bunches, making their way out of the nation. Alpha takes the lead in the case. The "Phonix" Alliance is deployed on the task.


1. Prologue


6:15 AM-- The alarm rang and glowed in the blackness. A white hand passed its finger across the screen to stop it.

The young boy woke up and pulled the curtain on the window. He passed his hand over his blonde hair and stretched himself up.

With his usually colorless eyes, he turned his head towards the source of the morning light. The sun was shining, and the Swift Square was again busy. The roads were crowded, employees were carrying papers, men and women in suits were striding here and there, some people were waiting for the cabs, some were in the plaza, big and tall skyscrapers were blocking the sun, musicians, stuntmen, people in costumes and magicians were trying their best to catch people's attention and the billboards and the LEDs were filled up with colorful ads. The whole ground was covered by cars and people, and the atmosphere was covered by the chatters and car horns.

He rose from the bed.  And... Here we go again. 

After brushing his teeth and taking a shower, he packed his bag with books, and zipping up the guitar cover, he opened the door. He turned his head back just to take a glance at his family photo frame, where he, his parents, and her elder sister were smiling back at him.

Putting the door keys in his pocket, and climbing down the stairs, he reached for the newspaper rack. DAY 3: CATHURIAN PAPERS STILL NOT FOUND the headline
stated. Not that it mattered to him. 

He had grown so accustomed of his daily schedule that literally nothing mattered to him anymore. He just had to survive in this thriving world, without even knowing why. 

His eyes weren't even moving while sitting in the cab. He just kept looking as the cars and the people went by his view.

"You from which school, kiddo?" the driver asked.

"Ronnington High." His eyes were still fixed. 

"Oh yea." The driver paused for a second. "I tell you my daughter's there too. She's too stubborn, I mean man, I mean it. She keep makin’ scene at home and in public for a week 'I have to go school! I have to go school' if I'd asked why, she'd say, 'My friends' there, if they study, I study too!'"

The driver gave a big sigh.

"Ya don't talk much, do ya?" He said, with a soft chuckle.

"I'm... I'm sorry I was thinking 'bout something else." The boy replied, returning back to his original world.

"Well, not a prob, man. Not many people talk here since the Thirty Years. Never mind. Here's your stop."

After paying the driver, he made his way to the subway station with the crowd-- SWIFTFIELD SUBWAY--it read. The morning sun was still making his hair glow. 

Even sitting on a bench, he could not take his eyes off the billboards around him. His eyes were searching for a "help wanted" sign; if only there were some. Few people in some corners and benches, were playing banjos, saxophones, accordions and mouth organs. The boy felt the call, and joined them with his guitar.

7:45 AM-- He glanced at his watch, as he left the train along with the crowd.

He opened his school locker and put his guitar inside. 

"Oh, hey! If it isn't Finn, the male Emma Watson..." a boy came from the behind.

Finn exhaled and said coldly, "Please not today, Ralph."

He cleaned the blood from his lips and sat on his desk. The time went by, as he kept watching that single girl all the time. Even in the lunch period. He would sit closely by her, without letting her know. Her face was as white as it was beautiful. She had silky brown hair, blue glowing eyes, and a slender but beautiful body. He watched her as she passed her hand over her hair, while sitting on a bench waving hands in the air, and talked to her friends. 

2:45 PM--Tired and worked up, he inserted the key in the lock, and opened up the door. He dropped on the bed and closed his eyes for a moment. He then took out from the closet, a uniform. It was blue, kind of like an apron. Taking the subway again, he went to the Dumpkins.

"Yo, welcome back man!" called him one of the workers, as he put the food in the paper bag, and handed it to the customer.

"How's it going, dude?" Smiled one of the customers as he shook hands with Finn. He and his another friend were the daily customers in here, more like friends to him. One would buy a veg. burger and fries, and the another just a coke. Bennet was his name.

"Yeah, I'm doing well.." replied Finn with a smile. "Oh, sorry, the customers' waiting... So…"

Even while packing the paper bags, he could not forget the face of that Girl.


It was 7:47 PM when he gave the third visit to his apartment. This time, he sat on his desk and from its drawer, he drew out some phones without cases or full of scratches, screw drivers, and some other electrical stuff, and wearing his absolutely unattractive glasses, he took out a list of names, marked on one, and begin his job.


9:58 PM-- Finn woke up again from his bed, and gave the apartment, the third leave. He arrived at the Ronnington High again, but this time, with a uniform of a janitor.

"You better stay up all night this time." said one of the guards.

"Yeah, sure thing." His colorless eyes answered; but the guard didn't notice.

He put his earplugs in, and started to move with the rhythm, with his mop. Listening to music while pretending to be alone, was one of the strange things he loved.


It was past midnight, when he came across the Swift Square again. It was again lonely, but lit up by a few building lights, some on the billboard, and some few drunkards roaming around the streets.

He threw himself on the bed, closing his eyes for a little; but with an effort he stood up, and took out the morning's newspaper. There was no news of interest to him; except one. He cut out the jobs page, circled a few ads, and stuck them on his right wall, which already had a colorful collection of tons of jobs pages.

Then he turned to his left, and gave a smile to the wall filled by the Girl's beautiful photos, and then he gave his eyes a rest. 



---Thanks for reading! New Chapter Each week or (maybe) two---  





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