Cathurian Tales

Set in a modern world; in a nation named Cathuria. Each city in each state is divided into Wards and Sectors. Wards are owned by Parties, against whom the Brotherhoods have a deep disgust. D.E.M.A, an organization which controls all the defense branches across the nation, confronts a new Party.

September 10th, 2017-- The Cathurian Papers, which contain the rights of the government and the citizens, are stolen, divided in five bunches, making their way out of the nation. Alpha takes the lead in the case. The "Phonix" Alliance is deployed on the task.


2. Covenant (unfinished)


Ward 17--Swiftfield--Rayne--Cathuria

It was the early dawn that lit up the concrete apartments of the East Libertarians, which were decorated with graffiti of E's and L's and some small little cracks. Due to heavy rain last night, there was some water filled in between the four buildings. The Viper Brotherhood had blown the sides of buildings facing the water hole; just some days before, and got away with it. They were always a headache; to deal with them, was a challenging task. 

Lucy and Peter were sitting in a balcony, with their backs facing the wall; watching the sun rise.

‘So you are next in the Chain, right?’ Peter asked, facing the morning sun. His face was white, and his long brown hair was almost covering his eyes.

‘Yeah.’ a smile lit up her face. ‘Didn’t knew till yesterday’s evening.’

Her hair was blonde, her face was as white as snow, and her eyes as gorgeous as crystals. She touched her silver ring with help of her thumb; it was shining like a diamond. Her dream was coming true. Her hand slowly touched his.

‘Promise me you’ll take me there with you.’ Peter said.

She brought him closer to her, and put her mouth in his.


On the other hand, the Party was in motion. In each room, the knives were being sharpened, magazines were being inserted in the AK-104's and EM-2's, and their nozzles were being polished. In some, there was a one-on-one fight, where the crowd would cheer, as one in the ring would punch the cheeks out of the other. Some were putting on their brown sweatshirts over their heavy vests.

Captain Backham of the first company, was making his way to the waterhole, climbing down the stairs, his phone rang.

'Speak.' Said the Captain in North--their official language.

'The Rebellion's coming sir...' The voice spoke.

'Who's it this time?' 

'That "Silas" guy again, sir. Those Vipers.'

'That son of a bitch..' The captain clenched his hand on the phone.

'Orders, cap.'

'Fortify the water hole; surround it. I want maximum troops there. The rest which are left, tell them to guard every entrance.'

'You got it, cap.' The commander was off. Out of all people in every Brotherhood, Silas was the worst.


The captain reached the waterhole. 64 of them wearing gas masks, were aiming their rifle's nozzles down the hole, and cocked it. Everyone stood waiting watching their reflection; nothing happened.


Then it happened.

An explosion on the right side of one of the building, turned every head.

Wearing a black long raincoat, a silver gas mask and gripping AKS-67B one in each hand, a man spun and sprung out from the water hole. The shells of the bullets splashed into the water, and so did the troops surrounding him. Then his reinforcement emerged from the behind. With long and quick strides, and covering the shining of the morning sun lighting up the water, they marched right towards the open entrance. One of them took out a can labeled 'CH2=CH2' and threw it in the building; the other fired at the white gas, and the windows broke with a boom. 

His first squad was already inside the 2nd building. Beckham did knew that the people, half of the people he had were not of his own, but the thing that he did not, was how far was Silas ready to go. Suicide bombing; that was insane. Silas’ squad in that building would soon be making its way down the ground floor of the first one, where the Covenant was kept. And he had to stop them at any cost.

Everyone in the party knew it would be stupid to stand in front of them. So the troops scattered and hid in their places, loading their rifles, with every pounce of strength they had.

As the Squad which came from the water-hole reached the entrance, one of them in the front, moved his first two fingers right, then left, then in his direction. One men on each side gave a single nod, and then they were off, taking some of the reinforcements with them. The inside of the entrance was black, no lights were on. The only lights there, were the small flashes of the bullets being fired.

Lucy and Peter joined in later.

‘The Washington papers…’ Lucy’s breath stopped for a second; hiding with Peter behind the door. ‘They are in the same room as the Covenant.’

‘Fine. You stay here, I’ll come back just in a sec.’ He reloaded his AK-104, and stood up. But Lucy grabbed his arm. She tried to retort, but Peter was as stubborn as she was.

‘Squad-4, we are engaging in an encounter.’

 One of the Vipers on the lead made his way to a room. It was locked. He broke it open, and entered. His partner came from behind, adjusting his vest, and locked the door.

'You better hurry, Silas.' he said.

'yeah, yeah just a minute.'

The room was colorless, filled with bookshelves--which were filled with some books and documents, drawers, and one computer facing the window. 

Silas removed his mask and the hood of his raincoat, adjusted his not-so-long blond hair, and begin browsing wildly, throwing everything on the floor, which was not what he came looking for. Then his hands and eyes paused on a single bunch of documents.

'Got it! This is it. This is the one!' he said.

'Good.' his partner gave a nod.

Then he calmly placed a C6 on the floor, then they left. The boom was heard a few seconds later. When they came out, the buildings were burning, the waterhole was filled with corpses. One building lost it's balance, and clashed with the others; the sound of thud, and the white dust coming out.

They came out, and their reinforcements joined them later. Putting the bunch of documents in his raincoat's right pocket, Silas and his reinforcement left the buildings burning and broken.


D.E.M.A Headquarters--Swiftfield

'Now this, is what we call chaos.' said the instructor, scratching his brown beard, as he showed the photo of the broken and burning buildings of the East Libertarians, on a large screen. 'The Vipers broke in just half an hour before, and made this mess. 20 Wards in two months. Which is something, the father of hundred and forty children would take years to do, won't he, Mr. Bennet?' 

Sitting on their benches, the hall giggled and turned their heads towards him. Bennet Faunkner, was indeed the father of hundred and forty children, but not biologically though. He was the captain of the first company* ('Company' in the military terms means, a group of 100-200 soldiers) in the primary regiment. The people would just roast him around for he had recently failed in 2 operations, though no one got hurt, he couldn't capture any one of the members of the party.

 He adjusted his brown chocolate hair, and looked at the instructor.

'Come on!' he groaned, 'I told you it was a mistake.'

'It indeed may be Mr. Bennet. Nevertheless, we've got another chance. This time in sector 5, 12:36 PM Northern Revolutionaries are gonna make their move. At least capture a few this time, Bennet.'

'Roger.' Bennet nodded.

'And there's a third thing I called you all for.' He rearranged his glasses, and changed the slide, and the image of a young blonde boy appeared. 'Know this guy? Anyone?'

Bennet recognized him in an instant. It was Finn. 

'Hey... that's the kid from the Dumpkins, isn't it?' His friend whispered.

'We know him.' Said Bennet to the instructor.

'Great. Now, this guy is being followed, here, look. Some of our men took this photo. There. You can see some people behind him, then here in this pic. We believe he might have some information which might be important to us. And it would be foolish to keep him in here. So... '

'So you want someone--in this case me-- to take him in to my home so he can be safe?' He stood up. 


'No, I can't do that. Why not Jim or Carrey? I barely make a living for Rebecca, I can't handle another one.'

'Mr. Bennetwe pay you. So there's no use of lying. Besides your home is in a financial area, so it won't be a problem.'

Bennet sighed. 'Okay.' 

'Well then, lecture dismiss.' The instructor declared.

As they walked out, Bennet knew he had no choice, but to take Finn in. He took his phone out, and dialed the number.



Sector 4--Swiftfield

It was 10:00 AM when Silas entered his room with his group. The room was lighted by a single, but bright bulb. He grabbed a black marker, and laid the map of Swiftfield on the table; it seemed a little old, with some stains and brown shading on it. 

'Okay,' His voice was firm. ' Now, our next target will be Eastern Democrats; Ward 12; here.'

He circled the area with the marker.

'According to Henry, the Covenant is located in here,' He put his finger on the map. 'It's somewhere on the fifth floor, in the room on the right. We'll take minimum reinforcements. But I want the back up on the spot, just in case if it turns out a trick. Alex, this time, you will lead the first squad, I will take the second.'

'Roger.' Alex nodded.

Silas gave a little chuckle. '20 Wards in just two months boys, not a bad tally for a few days of work. We'll keep the operation for the day after tomorrow.'

The group gave a chuckle and scattered in their rooms and "places".

Silas' phone rang, and he answered, it was Henry. 'What is it, Hans?'

'It's Akira again.' Henry said. 'She's mad this time; like real mad.'

'Oh,come on.." Silas gave a big sigh. 'fine, tell her to wait outside, I'm coming downstairs.'

'I'm sorry, I tried, but she outran me, and she's coming right into your room.'

'What!?' Silas said quitely.

The door knocked; Silas hung up. 

He opened the door a little. 'Please not here, Akira.'


They both were now outside on the ground.

Akira had a snow-like white face. Her forehead was covered by her long brown hair.

She exhaled. 'I can't take this anymore Silas, I just can't. The landlady is threatening us, she will throw us out, if we don't pay tomorrow.'

'Fine. I'll talk to her.' He looked away, his hands in his pocket.

'No! Why don't you just join DEMA for Pete's sake!' Her voice broke.

'I told you, I hate them. They just use people like pawns.' Of all people, Silas had the most grudge towards DEMA, after what happened to his uncle.

'Look, I don't care about me, but at least think about Kazuko! Just let her live here!'

'No, these people don't know how to treat women. I can't... Just please.. Go. '

She looked right into his eyes, but he still didn't respond. 'There's a reason we call you a "brother", Silas.' And then she left.

He went inside, and saw Jerry carrying a tray.

'It's for Sandy, She hasn't eaten for a day and a half.'

'Fine, I'll give her.' 

'Kay, as you wish.' He shrugged. 'Cheese Margarita; her favorite!'

Silas opened the door. Various letters of different languages were scrawled all over the wall. Different pages containing various symbols were also stuck on it. On his left was a bookshelf, filled with various books of linguistics and cryptography. A computer was right beside it, with some software on. In front of the computer, was a bed, and on the bed's right, a blonde woman with wavy short hair, was sitting on the floor, and scribbling something on a piece of paper. 

Silas gave a sigh, and placed the tray on the floor, and sat down.

'I'm.. I'm sorry babe.. I just can't do it.. I'm...' Without turning her head, she spoke in a broken voice.

'Hey, see here.' Silas grabbed her chin with his finger and thumb. 'I haven't kept a professional linguist and a cryptographer here, just so I can keep ordering her like a boss.'

'Just.. look at you..' He grabbed her head with both his hands, and brought her closer and looked right into her eyes, his voice a whisper. 'How long has it been since you haven't eaten yet? Look, I don't care if you decode the language or not, but just take care of your health, for Pete’s sake. You are more important to me, than the language. Here. your favorite, cheese margarita, straight from the Dumpkins. Now eat, and get some sleep.'

She wiped up her tears. 'Okay.. okay..'

'And, take care of yourselves; please.' Then he left. 

She stood up, locked the door, grabbed the pizza, and was on the work again.


Sector 5--Swiftfield

'The Dumpkins also has some nice chicks, you know.' said Harry.

'Yeah?' Bennet was still putting on his black vest, over his black shirt, as they were sitting in their black car.

'Yeah.. there was this nice woman, I told're to bring a coffee, but when she bent... man, that was awful.. a B-cup.'


'Hey, how's Reb doi--'

'Not a chance.'

Harry chuckled. 'I'm just trying to have a normal talk, come on!'

'I've not kept you under the command of my company, just so you can hit on my sister. I've known you for 3 years, Hare.'

Harry hadn't anything to say, so he just gave a chuckle. He himself knew he was an arsehole, but couldn't... 'help it.' 

They raised from their seat, and opened the door.

'Think you can make it?' Harry asked.


'The NR's, man. Once we finish the job, we go to the Dumpkins, and grab a bite, or may be a chick...'

Sector 5 was a commercial area; populated by a family-restaurant, a flower-shop, a memorial, a theater, and a small park. Everyone of their soldiers was dressed as a normal pedestrian--while the citizens were already evacuated--with their uniform, and vest hidden underneath; including Bennet and Harry. One of them was at the door of the flower shop, signaling with sight to another one standing near the restaurant.

Harry gave a big sigh. 'Still wondering why aren't any Brotherhoods' around.'

'You know them, we don't interfere with their business. And when we do, the World War gets a sequel.' 

 'Okay, well, here we go...' It was 12:35 PM

Everyone was in the position. The hands were already hovering over the hand-guns in the pockets, and rifles were in the cars. 

There was something unusual about a guy in front of the restaurant. He was clutching his pocket. And then it happened.

 From his pocket came out a C8, the size of any usual grenade, but in rectangle, covered with pure metal. With all the strength he had got, he threw the grenade on the restaurant window. A blonde lady grabbed it, and threw it back at him. Bennet reached his car, and took out his AB-6. The Sector turned into a hell, now. The glasses were broken, many of DEMA's cars were being torched, benches were broken again.














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