Misunderstandings...Trust me, there always will be

Everyone has a crush, a partner, a lover, or even a best friend. Right? Wrong, with me, I always will be that one girl who keeps to herself. Well, that isn't entirely true.
Because once I decided to go talk to Edger, a long lost friend from a summer festival, things started to go downhill.
My name is Shaniqua by the way. I am 15 years old and I do my best to avoid a relationship where I can get hurt. And trust me, between you and me. This is all a HUGE misunderstanding on my part.
I just wonder what it is with us teens and our hormones. Anyway, let's get right to the good stuff. Shall we?


8. Willow Tree


 Three months later...


  I open my locker as the bell rings for school to be over for the day. I smile as I feel warm arms wrap around my waist. I lean into Edger and sigh. He chuckles.

 "Miss me?" I nod. My eyelids close. If only this could last forever. I open my eyes and close my locker. Edger pulls away and grabs my hand once I hoist my backpack on my shoulders. 

 "Let's go, I have something to show you." Edger smiles and shakes his head.

 "Oh really? Can I have a little more information on what it is?"

 I shake my head. "Nope." He snaps his fingers.

 "Darn!" We both laugh and Kade comes down the hall towards us.

 "Hey, guys! I haven't seen you guys since our last heated argument." I roll my eyes.

 "Whatever Kade, you just saw us yesterday during the assembly." He scratches his head. 

 "I have no idea what you mean." He makes a face and pats Edger on the back. Edger pushes his arm away. 

 "Kade, don't you have somewhere to be. For example, away from us?" Kade laughs and ruffles Edger's hair.

 "Come on, Ed. You know you like having me third wheeling with you guys." I smile and pull Edger away. 

 "Yes, Kade, we absolutely love having you follow us like a lost puppy dog." Kade follows us as we step out the front doors. "So, if you want. You can come and stay with us and watch us watch a movie. A gory movie at that." Kade stops in his tracks.

 "You know what? I forgot that I was supposed to be heading home so I could finish some homework for Mr.Parr's class." He turns and heads down Main St. Edger laughs and puts his arm around my waist.

  "So, where are we actually going?" I smile.

 "Just wait, you'll love it!"










We walk through the fields that are outside of town. It has been a couple of hours but Edger doesn't complain.

Then,  I see it. The Willow tree. The old swing is swinging back and forth, and the cottage is still standing. I smile and tug on Edger's hand.

 "Come on slow poke!" He lets go of my hand and races me to the swing. We tie and we hold each other as we slow our breathing. 

"It's beautiful, Aqua." I pull away and sit on the swing. "You were right, I do love it!" 

"Well come on." I hop off the swing and walk into the cottage. This wasn't just any cottage either. It was my great-grandmother's old cottage that I inherited from my mother. We step through the front door into the hallway. I walk towards the living room and into the small kitchen. I sit at the table, that I dusted just last week. 

 "Aqua?" I look up and Edger is giving me a sad smile. "What is this place?" I sigh and shake my head.

 "It was my great grandmother's old cottage. But, now it was passed on to me in her will. I don't know why but I always come here to make sure that it stays in shape, for her." He nods. 

 "It looks like it is over fifty years old."

 I nod, "It is. It is eighty-two years old to be exact at the end of the summer, in August."

 "Wow, there must be a lot of memories here." I laugh. 

 "Trust me, there is. One time, I was climbing that tree there and a branch broke and fell into my grandma's old garden right there," I pointed to the swing. "She never forgave me after that." We both laugh.

 "Then why is the swing there?"

 "In memory of me." Edger looks at me for a second.

"In memory of you? That makes no sense."

"Well, I was in a coma after that and I was busted up pretty bad and so grandma was really worried and put a swing there, so if I ever woke up then I could go back and be reminded of good memories, not me destroying her flowers and my skull." Edger shakes his head and just mumbles something. I roll my eyes and shove him playfully. He smirks at me and pulls me into his chest.

 I hear rain and walk outside, right underneath the Willow tree. Edger follows me. He grabs my waist and pulls me into him. My hair and clothes are soaked but I don't care. All I want is him. Right here, right now. 

 His eyes turn dark with desire and I pull his head down to meet my lips with his...It couldn't get any better than this.



Author's Note: Hey readers! So, I just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry for the update being so late. I have another one coming in just a couple of days. I love you guys! READ ON!!!

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