Misunderstandings...Trust me, there always will be

Everyone has a crush, a partner, a lover, or even a best friend. Right? Wrong, with me, I always will be that one girl who keeps to herself. Well, that isn't entirely true.
Because once I decided to go talk to Edger, a long lost friend from a summer festival, things started to go downhill.
My name is Shaniqua by the way. I am 15 years old and I do my best to avoid a relationship where I can get hurt. And trust me, between you and me. This is all a HUGE misunderstanding on my part.
I just wonder what it is with us teens and our hormones. Anyway, let's get right to the good stuff. Shall we?


3. Or Else


 I know that I sound petty, but when you think about it. Love is something that will never work for me.

At all. 

I try to get through my day the best I can avoiding Edger. As I leave my last class, my teacher calls me over. 

 "Shaniqua, have you checked in with your mom about taking college courses?" I blow my bangs out my eyes and sigh.

 "No, Mrs.Krum. I have been so busy that I-" 

 "I understand. You just need to talk to your mom about it before this semester ends." I nod. She waves me away and I walk out of the classroom. Ok so that was weird, normally the teachers just leave me be. They know that I'm responsible. So what changed? 

I pass one of the classrooms and I overhear a man raising his voice.

 "-don't matter what she said or hasn't said. You need to stay away from her!" I hear a chair hit a wall.

 "Fucking really, Kade? Do you seriously think that I would hurt her?" Was that Edger's voice? And did he say, Kade? 

 "I'm only going to warn you this last time. Stay away from Shaniqua or else." 

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