Misunderstandings...Trust me, there always will be

Everyone has a crush, a partner, a lover, or even a best friend. Right? Wrong, with me, I always will be that one girl who keeps to herself. Well, that isn't entirely true.
Because once I decided to go talk to Edger, a long lost friend from a summer festival, things started to go downhill.
My name is Shaniqua by the way. I am 15 years old and I do my best to avoid a relationship where I can get hurt. And trust me, between you and me. This is all a HUGE misunderstanding on my part.
I just wonder what it is with us teens and our hormones. Anyway, let's get right to the good stuff. Shall we?


5. Aqua


 "I happened? What is that even supposed to mean?" He groans and pushes his hand through his hair.

 "It means that I can't stop thinking about you, Aqua." Aqua? 

 "So you think about meand that is what caused you to take even longer to fulfill your dreams? Am I getting all of this information straight or am-" Edger grips my waist and puts his lips on mine. He takes me by surprise so my instinct is to push him off me and bitch slap him. Then, of course, I tasted him.

 The honey and chocolate hit me and I moan in the back of my throat. I feel him smile against my lips and run his tongue across my bottom lip. I grant him his wish by slightly opening my lips. our tongues entwine and pretty much battle. I lost so I bit his bottom lip. He moans and I feel myself shiver through my entire body. I run my hands through his hair as he grips my blonde hair. He tugs me closer. I tug on his shoulders closer to me. 

 He pulls away.

 His eyes are glazed with lust. "I have been waiting to do that since I watched you get cotton candy in your hair and your bright ocean colored eyes flashed with laughter." I grin and tug some of his hair that fell in his gorgeous eyes.

 Then it hits me. 

 "Edger," I grab his hands and pull them off of my waist. "this can not happen again." He looks at me for a minute.


 "Do you really have to ask why? Calling me Aqua and kissing me is making things so much more difficult." He chuckles.

 "I thought Aqua would be a good nickname for you, and I kissed you because I do care about you. So what is it that I could be making so hard for you?" I groan in frustration and push my bangs out my eyes. 

 "Edger, you are making it harder and harder for me to protect myself. I'm cool with having guy friends. But having an intimate relationship is taking things to a whole new level." 

 "What are you trying to protect yourself from?"

 "I have been trying to protect myself from the pain and the heartache that relationships can cause. Especially relationships where another person might feel differently about the other." He shakes his head and grabs my hand.

 "I would never even have the courage or strength to do that to you, or anybody else." I take a minute before I respond. Should I open my heart and let him on my reason for keeping my heart closed to anyone who could potentially hurt me? 

 My heart tells me no. But, my soul tells me yes. 


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