Resident Evil: Ghoulification

A tokyo ghoul/Resident evil crossover, nothing else to say


Author's note

My first story, so bear with me.

6. Stress

Warning: Resident Evil: Ghoulification may contain scenes of strong language, sexual situations and violence. Viewer discretion is advised


After a few days, things started calming down. Hinami and I started book club. Only a few people joined, but we made it work. I thought everything was getting back to normal, until the day everything a bout Touka changed. I was working with Kaneki and Hishni, a red head with a cocky attitude. Anyways, I was cleaning mugs when Hishni asked me a question. 

"What do you think?" he asks. 

"About what?" I ask. 

"That Ada chick. Fine piece of ass she is." he said, smirking. I felt my face go red. 

"As far as I know she has a boyfriend or is a lesbian." I said. 

"Well, if they were to hook up, you two would have something in common." Kaneki said

"What does that mean?" Hishni asks. 

"Let's just say you wouldn't be the only one fucking a human." A minute later, Youshmoria comes out of his office with a white haired girl. She looked a lot like Touka, except from the eyes. They were green. 

"That will be all for today, Niko." Youshmoria said. 

"Sir. where's Touka?" I ask.

"She hasn't been feeling well, so I've brought Mikoda to be trained." he said. The white haired girl stepped forward. 

"Hey. I'm Niko." I said, holding out my hand. Mikoda looked away. 

"Okay." I said. I walked up stairs and went to Touka's room. I knocked on the door and she answered it. 

"Oh, hey." she said. We walked in. Her place was nice. Wooden floors, white walls, and a very pleasant smell in the air. Soft piano music played in the background. I saw Naka sitting at the table across from Hinami. 

"Hey, Niko." Hinami said. 

"Hey. What are you doing here?" I asked Naka. 

"I'm Hinami's teacher. Youshimoria said it's a risk sending her to a public school, so I teach her here." he said. 

"I'll make some coffee." Touka said. 

"No, I can do it." I said. 

"No, your fine." A knock on the door came a second later. Touka went to answer it. She opened the door to find a red haired girl holding a pot standing there. 

"Mira. What are you-" Touka began.

"Heard you weren't feeling well, so I made you these." the girl said. She then got a glance at me. A disgusted look shot on her face. Touka looked back at me. 

"Wait, it isn't-" she said 

"Just share with him then." Mira said as she handed Touka the pot and stormed out. 

"Did I do that, or am I okay?" I asked, feeling guilty. She brought the pot into the kitchen and opened it up. It was full of dumplings soaking in chicken broth. The smell filled the air and it was bad. 

"Are you gonna?" I asked.

"She must of spent hours on this!" she yelled before she ate some. She was literally killing herself. I saw the reaction on Naka face. He was pissed. He got up, went over to Touka, and slapped the food out of her hand. 

"What the hell!?" Touka cried. 

"You're poisoning yourself over some human! What the fuck is wrong with you!?" Naka yelled. 

"Do you have any Idea what it's like to keep this secret from a friend like that?"

"This isn't about her, is it? You just feel guilty about who you are. You need to own up to what you are and stop being a sailfish little bitch!" he said before he smacked her. Touka fell to the floor, crying. 

"You bastard!" I said before I got up and rushed him. He turned around and punched me in the face. I fell to the floor, blood coming from my nose and mouth. 

"Pathetic." Naka said. I stood up, wiped the blood of and said 

"Get the fuck out. If I ever see you here again, I'll kill you." I said. He walked out, and We never saw him again. 

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