Resident Evil: Ghoulification

A tokyo ghoul/Resident evil crossover, nothing else to say


Author's note

My first story, so bear with me.

1. Part 1: creation. Chapter 1: The one eyed ghoul

It all starts when I wake up in that lab. I was 20. I wake up in white room. The light blinding me. I sat up and looked around. I was in a test room. I stood up and saw a glass frame between me and a group of people. I saw a man with blonde hair wearing a lab coat. Either the room was sound proof or I went deaf, but he was saying something. I couldn't tell what. The I saw my reflection. Everything was the same, except for my eyes. They were black with red iris. The guy in the lab coat turned me into a ghoul. Somehow. I didn’t deserve this fate. No one did. I just cried. Black tears feel down my face. I backed up a little bit and started punching the glass. The crowd backed up in fear, but the scientist said something and the crowd calmed down. After a little bit of punching, My knuckles started bleeding. It was then the crowd left. Only one guy was there. He was almost as tall as me. Grey eyes, white hair, black hoodie, jeans, and shoes. He just stared at me. I looked into his soul. It was dark, and full of anger. Then I saw why. His left eye turned red like mine. He was a half ghoul. He ran up and punched the glass, shattering it to pieces. The one eyed ghoul put on a mask. It was black with what looked liked a mouth without lips and an eyepatch. He offered me his hand and I took it.

    “Who are you?” I asked but he was silent. Alarms went off in the background and guards ran into the room. The ghoul turned around and fastly ran threw them. They all fell on the floor. Blood everywhere. We ran out of the room together. We went to the closest window and found a helicopter with a logo that said B.S.A.A on the tail. I smashed the window and the ghoul jumped into the helicopter. Just as I was about to jump, I was shot. I saw a guard with a pistol and a briefcase standing a few feet away from me. He was young. Black hair, light green eyes. He had a name tag that said Junior investigator Amon. He dropped the gun and his case became a

staff with a giant, red, glowing blade on the end. I got up and was ready to fight. I realized my arm was healed and the shot was on the floor.

    “Come on” a guy from the helicopter yelled. I had no choice. I jumped over to the helicopter. If It wasn’t for the captain of the group grabbed my hand and pulled me into the helicopter. Then what happened I couldn't believe. I collapsed and started spazzing out. Blood was coming out of my eyes and mouth.

    “What’s happening?” The captain asked. The ghoul took off his mask and rolled down his sleeve. His skin was pale. I did the one thing my brain could think of, I reached up and took a large bite of his arm. He grunted in pain. I ripped of a big chunk of his arm. I ate all of it. I felt better. I sat up and looked around.

    “It’s alright. You’re safe.” The captain said. That was it. That’s all that happened before I passed out. My name is Niko Winters, and this is my story.

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