Resident Evil: Ghoulification

A tokyo ghoul/Resident evil crossover, nothing else to say


Author's note

My first story, so bear with me.

3. Chapter 3: Old friends


A woman and her daughter walked in the door. Everyone else left. The woman looked worried.

    “Kyoma.” Touka said. They both came in and sat down. Kyoma was taller than me, long brown hair, and blue eyes. Her daughter was short, orange hair, and hazel eyes. I made them both some coffee. Coffee was one of the only things that ghouls could ingest that humans could.

    “What happened?” Kaneki asked.

    “He came back and my husband. And.” She started crying. I remember seeing her before. Kyoma and her daughter. They were at the lab when I became a ghoul.

    “Hey.” I said. She looked at me. “Who was it that came after your husband?” I asked.

    “They call him Jason. Jason Yamori.” Kyoma said. Kaneki looked scared. Touka gave us a confused look. Yamori is this psychopath ghoul that tortures his victims before eating them. I read about him from the paper.

    “That’s impossible. I killed him.” Kaneki said. Yoshimura decided Kyoma and her daughter could stay at Anteiku. I tried to get to know them better, but they were pretty distant. I found out that Kyoma’s husband was a scientist working on experimental weaponry. Not exactly a profession. After a day or so, I walked into the daughter while she was reading. Let’s just say

The silence of the lambs is a great book for children ghouls.

    “You do realize what you’re reading, right?” I asked.

    “Yeah. Mommy says that I could learn something from reading.” she said. Not sure what you could learn from a book about a psychopath that murders six people. At least she was reading my favorite author, Yean Matiko. Yean Matiko was a famous Japanese author who mostly writes horror stories. I’ve personally read most of her novels.

    “I never caught your name, by the way.” I said as I sat down. “It’s Hinami. Hinami Atako.” She said.

    “I’m Niko. Niko Winters.” I said. After a few minutes, Kyoma walks through the door.

    “Hey.” I said. She walks over and sits down. “My names Niko.” I offered my hand. She shook it.

    “I’ve never seen you here before.” Kyoma says. I explained the whole story. She just looked at me in disturbance.

    “Mommy, what does this word mean?” Hinami asks Kyoma. “I don’t know, sweaty.” Kyoma says

. I take a look.

    “That’s petal cluster. That means a large flower field.” I said. “It’s nice to know a fellow Matiko fan.” Hinami just smiles at me. I walk out of the room, with a new friend.

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