Resident Evil: Ghoulification

A tokyo ghoul/Resident evil crossover, nothing else to say


Author's note

My first story, so bear with me.

2. Chapter 2: Anteiku



I wake up in a bed, hoping what happened was just a nightmare. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. My eyes were normal. My skin did look a little pale. I washed off my face and walked out to the main part of the room and sat on the bed. My head was racing. After a few minutes, I got my thoughts straight. I stood up. I saw some clothes on the dresser next to the bed. A white dress shirt, black vest, tie, black dress pants, socks and black dress shoes. I got dressed and left the room. It looked like I was in an apartment. Wooden floors, light grey walls, abstract paintings on the walls. I smelled some amazing so I went to investigate. It lead me into a conversation I probably didn’t want to hear.

“We should get rid of him.” A deep voice said. Then another, slightly higher pitched said “No. He can’t go back out there. He’s not ready.” As I walk in, a little girl pointed at me and all eyes on me. There were 9 people in the room. two girls, six guys. Almost all in the same outfit I’m in. The oldest of all of them stood up. He was taller than me, sleek white hair, squinted eyes and a full suit and tie. He walked over to me. I couldn't trust him. Yet. I looked over at the others.

    “I’m glad to see that you’re alright.” The old man said. He just smiles at me.

    “Where the hell am I? Who are you” I asked in an angry tone. They all looked at me in concern.

    “I understand you are confused. My name is Yoshimura. Welcome to Anteiku.” he said. “Niko” I said.  We walked over to the others. I sat down at a bar stool. The ghoul who saved me was sitting next to me. A medical eyepatch was covering his left eye. The caption of the helicopter was there. He was a buff guy. Green eyes, brown hair, shady beard. He was in a t-shirt, jeans, and boots.

    “What do you want with me?” I asked. Yoshimura told me that this was a sanctuary for ghouls and humans. A place where we could connect and learn. Not that I thought it was a bad idea.

    “So you want me to work for you?” I asked.

    “Yes.” Yoshimura said. I finally got a job. I started a few hours later. I learned about my co-workers while I was there. Eye patch was named Kaneki. He used to be a human until he went through an organ transplant. The others were born ghouls, except for Chris, the human who saved me. He left and I got busey. I worked with Kaneki and Touka, who I assumed was Kaneki’s girlfriend. She had short, blue hair, green eyes, and seemed like the dark and mysterious type. All I could think of was waking up in that lab, how those people looked at me. Then, a chance to get answers walked in the door.

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