You Seek and I Hide

"It's all fun and games." They say but is it really? What happens when you mess with the game? Will it mess with you too? It will mess with your head. It will mess you up. It will mess everyone. Don't summon. Don't play with it. Listen to it. Follow their rules. Don't break a rule. If you break a rule you're dead. If you follow the rules your dead. You can outsmart it but it will outsmart you.


Author's note

First time writing a horror book <3 Hope you like it Lovelies!

1. How about a possessed game

Adelina's POV

I'm not a child. I'm not a child! People think I'm a child. I know I'm childish and I play lots of child games but I'm not one. I'm only sixteen years old and people still think that. Granite, I love playing hide and seek, truth or dare, would you rather, and like hopscotch. I think the games are fun and cool but truth or dare and would you rather I kind of like teenager games. 

"Wanna play truth or dare?" My friend asks me. I shake my head getting rid of all the thoughts and glanced at her.

"You know it!" I yelled happily and clapped my hands. 

"Okay, truth or-"

"Are we seriously gonna play it like the movie Truth or Dare. You know I'm too young to die." I cut her off and chuckle.

"You'll be fine. If we were actually playing truth or dare like the movie then we'd already been dead." She shook her head playfully.

I let out a laugh and smiled widely. I love having a close bond with my friend which is Almira. We're unstoppable kind of and our friendship is perfect I guess.

"Alright but I think truth or dare is just a boring game," I say honestly and frown a bit.  

" about we play hide and go seek!" She squeals and claps her hands. 

My smiles goes wide and I nod my head. "Hell, yeah!" I scream and get off the couch. My house a big enough for hide and seek! 

Gets off the chair too and claps. "I'll go hide and how about-"

"You guys obviously aren't gonna play hide and seek." A voice says filling the room and cutting off Almira. I turned around seeing my sister walking into the living room. "What you need to play is hide and seek but possess the game." She smirks and holds out an oujia bored.

'Where did you get that?" My eyes widen at the board, too scared to even touch it.

"Our mom played this before." She smiles happily and sets it down on the floor in the middle of the couches. 

"Are we really gonna do this." Almira says bitting her lips nervously.

I glanced at her and shrugged my shoulders. 

"Yes, we are and if we possess the game then I'm gonna play too," Stephanie says which is my sister. I gulp and my hands started shaking. We're really doing this.

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