Evil sword the beginning series 1

After swordfish man finds a traesure a hunted evil shadow known as evil sword finds a great jewel beyond South Pacific sea,s
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Evils word is a villian, and hero

6. How evil sword found

one of a kind avenger of super captain, mask of man and sworfs a evil made machines an unknown rival swordfish man a beginning of adventures and unknow a vial lin evil sword was with the traesures to steal and coudnt wait to get to sea princess untill swordfishnman was on his rival the begining was of the greatest stories of unmasked treausres and Adventure of the seven unknow seas.

One was South Pacific seas, yet unknown of evil swords avengers and masked villains of evil was captains and one super captain of unknow evil villains and one is super captain as his avengers were in the lost seas.

Evil sword, was seeking only sea princes only pearls and among the, the begining lost treasures, a big mighty swirl would crash the ships and the maps would get deep down and lead to treausres.

Migty and traesures of dark and open seas would captivate the many intrigued to find the seven pearls of South Pacific seas, in the begining adventures of evil swords mighty needs to have the diamond pearls in his hands.

The seas be mighty and many seek the pearls of traesures, swordfish man would yet to see the many dark seas evilsword was to treausre, no beast no man would get in the way of the diomomds of the sea, no captain or avengers or deep villans and heros.

The mighty monster  of the seas and the, perhaps unlocked some of the traesures, yet evil sword, had some way on his next adventure to treasure a new adventure.

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