Evil sword the beginning series 1

After swordfish man finds a traesure a hunted evil shadow known as evil sword finds a great jewel beyond South Pacific sea,s
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Evils word is a villian, and hero

2. Evil sword the story

among shadows was, a great sword in the masked deep seas of the world yet, perils and thiefs and treasures be stolen one, kind of battle seek many things, a safe south of e seas was to find the many fishes, and villains would keep the things they treasure.

The South Pacific seas had villans things and here's and many treasures and the, many things a villain could see, in South Pacific but ahead were more unknown seas, in the works ahead was journeys and many more unknown things.

The villain was evilsword he could see, any sword and fish and man, and he was great at swords and battles he, could fight it be a Compition, for swordsman and his graet battles of things on southpacific seas islands and traesures still could be, for evilsword could be strong and could find fast things quick hands he could steal im fast ways, he was smarter then any swordfish man.

Even though evilsword wasn't the best swim,er and he be lacking in treasure knowledge how, so he be smart and gifted in other things, his villains were great machines and swordfish man could fly, evil sword needed machines.

Evilsword had one great thing his eyes had only one power to send beams and ligts through the air, perhaps he was called evilsword for his weary eyes, and could only fight with his one eye, yet had a musky old sword in the next.

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