Evil sword the beginning series 1

After swordfish man finds a traesure a hunted evil shadow known as evil sword finds a great jewel beyond South Pacific sea,s
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Evils word is a villian, and hero

1. Evil sword the beginning

he be many seas many, things, but masked, he be villian no dark of the seas, and many things he be a vialion and jewel, thief of South Pacific seas, and many more things.

The imagination was one page thick but, may be a seas treausres he was swordfish mans worst nightmare sea, beast too, and he steal and treasure and had an army of sea legumes, and fighters that would not give any penny stolen.

He was the masked of fishes the swords of evil he was, the top villain of swords and shadows, and he had maps and traesures and more to be stolen in pacific city he lay south and coudnt swin his only flaw, was to be a great villian, and good was only to hide his secret to get more evil and more Stroies from natives to steal their sptraesures of deep seas.

He sea more things yet wanted the top jewel of them all so he didn't have to see, the riches he heave, he wanted to find the pacific jewel of them all great pearl of diamomds, and it was still to be found.

Evil sword was shadows withing he be masked and yet had no shadows he, was named that because he could only be a great name in deep waters of shadows, and heels and thieves, swordfish man had one great creator of a villian, and Another evilsword.

The swordfish man was ready to meet evil sword on the quest to find the jewels he stole and bring back the riches to South Pacific seas, and for once save all Thier, treasures.

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