Evil sword the beginning series 1

After swordfish man finds a traesure a hunted evil shadow known as evil sword finds a great jewel beyond South Pacific sea,s
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Evils word is a villian, and hero

5. Evil sword and super captain

the lost treausre was never found and evil sword never found the lost avengers super captain his, lost sea princess, had never been found and the traesure, among the missing books were the lost nevr told story of, traesures,and evil sword discovered super captains and his mighty new avengers, of the beginning south seas.

In the traesures was one captains missing maps hidden dark in south seas, the many adventures of mighty traesures, and very antique old swords many, writttten yet, coudnt been discovered. May be older the seven pearls of the south seas.

Among the stories were the sea princess last where Abouts, lost in the south seas, evil sword had many, beginings yet, never knew the story of the seven seas, captain avengers and his mighty, ships was super captains armor in the seas, they roam and travel far and mighty.

The sea captains were all in the boats some bad some good but seemed mighty seas traeusre. Deep in princes seas traesure, among the pearls yet, to be avenged in the hidden lost book of seven diamonds of the seas.

Evil sword found a new super hero super captain, and his crew of captain avengers on the ship that lay deep on seven seas, the traeusre was among them, but who would avenge the maps to the sea princes lost treasures and the seven pearls of diamonds.

Many would be yet swordfish man was, among the mightiest of might, a hero of South Pacific seas, and evil sword was just one of the might seas. 

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