Evil sword the beginning series 1

After swordfish man finds a traesure a hunted evil shadow known as evil sword finds a great jewel beyond South Pacific sea,s
By Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Evils word is a villian, and hero

4. Avengers of evil sword

captains of the seas coudnt find evil sword masked treasures yet, a monster of seas, yet evil sword aphad villains in South Pacific seas and among the many great sea princess, in caves she be, and lay sea beast to find her, swordfish man was read yet not met be the evilsword but the dark seas led to bright Suns, and in the traesures,

The seven pearls were diomonds of the sea, and had been from the lost ages, among the south seas, yet to be found and kept, among them were lockman monsters kept treausres lost and never found, now to be discovered.

The first traesures were in evilswords adventures and. Among the many if a begining evil adventures, and lockman monster just found the villain of South Pacific seas, and kept his sea princess lost in the traesures could be found one of the seven pearls of south seas, 

In the boats lay ships and captains of the avengers a bunch of heroes among them were super captain and his many found adventures, super captain could fly and was apart of the many, he was one of the most greatest captains of the seven seas, and original, and only. Of the seven seas yet, only knew of great treasures.

Super Capetian was not made of the seas yet a league of Magic caoe and had a sword to fight his battles, swordfish man was made from the seas, and had not been a captain, even though super captain was a man he had swords and many of them.

And the treasures were once evil swords, yet stolen by super captains avengers. And they had treausres of many maps and would steal, yet not be in the list among the, dark seas.

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