Sea beast meets swordfish man N 1

New age of swordfish guy the very first issue when sea east battles the new hero of South Pacific seas by Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Storyline comics are stories but comics together with pictures
Copyrighted by movellas they mini series in 22 century

2. South Pacific seas

on his knees a desert under the water was full of many monsters and traesures deeper then south its self, he could see many islands ahead and share great ability to hear his ears were, many time ultrasonic.

In the seas wre many brave things to be, he was in the oceans and could see, many islands and traesures, deeper he be many villains including evil sword his new destiny was in the book evil, sword was both good and evil, but was in deep then South Pacific, 

The swordfishes swam but many would lay a hidden map was beyond the traesures of South Pacific shores.

In the wake lay a triangle shape land under know as pacific city it wa so deep it landed in the cold oceans deep beyond but, sometimes had more here's under deep blue seas.

The Seabeast saw man and shadows they were villans of evil sword, and they kept the whole oceans free but wre jerpwels and hidden things all over for richer, they keep many beasts hidden.

The only was out was to find their way but, Seabeast coudnt go above the sea he had no feet or any way to get upon land he coudnt fly or do any kind of brave things above the seas.

He must meet is a hero many told and many saw of a swordfish man type creature and then he heard the wise sky's fume with spflying things and saw a man deep in the sky's so might with one hand as a mighty sword and hand of great grabbing powers.

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