Sea beast meets swordfish man N 1

New age of swordfish guy the very first issue when sea east battles the new hero of South Pacific seas by Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Storyline comics are stories but comics together with pictures
Copyrighted by movellas they mini series in 22 century

3. Sea beast under deep water

mellohe flow deep and was creature more then man, had many swimming abilities perhaps more then swordfish man once, he be princess evil, and traped of the pearls sea princess the most beutiful creature, yet lay a unknown pearl yet to be mere was it gold or missing link beyond the story was a puzzle to find.

South Pacific seas was one sea, many of six were to be found, beyond the first was South Pacific and the mighty ocean shad islands yet many cities and unknown land beyond that. The seas showed that Seabeast was a creature with aunust and true treausre, he was only creature not man.

He have brave and intelligent sensors yet, evil villains had never saw him, only super Heros who would ever need a braving help of hand, he be there in the seven helping seas.

In search of the sea princess and her evil sister the evil princes, to keep the missing jewels and know pearl diaomands known as gold its shining mystery.

Thieves could steal and many seek the mighty eyes it had it be one of seven then leave six if the other be hidden.

The seas had its hidden cave under and treatures lay deep captains see Seabeast in his 

Mellow waters he be watching the sea and hoping to do good deeds then see robbers and thieves of the seven seas.

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