Sea beast meets swordfish man N 1

New age of swordfish guy the very first issue when sea east battles the new hero of South Pacific seas by Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

Storyline comics are stories but comics together with pictures
Copyrighted by movellas they mini series in 22 century

1. Mini series part one

the comic begins the Seabeast was shallow and coudnt see, a bright sun come over the, South Pacific sea, and villian, was on his kness, he find treausre and many islands but, he meet a swordfish, in the wake of South Pacific treasures.

The swordfish coudnt belive that he be in the mist of a Seabeast he be brave bold a creature distinuguish by his brave and tail of iron armory and face of eyes so big bold, and very pearly like.

His fins be in the ocean only he coudnt help above the sea, but fir swordfish man it was. A freind, and hero was to help him in the dangerous sea, and the very islands in the treasures way, the beast was surelyy of the sea.

The islands we pact with people and many island powers natives and robbers to steal jewels and to save them of their riches Seabeast would join forces.

He was the only creature in the sea that could almost fly in the sea, and yet mists and machines would harbor the, battles were hard. Yet, they swam, he find a whale yet the size of a boat he, fought many mighty things and still battles, in the South Pacific seas.

Onetime the jewels be in deep waters, and the oceans of great sands stood between South Pacific sees and Seabeast upon the , knees he needed to find land and, be on top of the islands, yet coudnt do it, werer a new journye was ahead, he knew there be some hero upon South Pacific seas.

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