New age comics Swordfish man series 1

Series one of new age of comics new adventure on the 22 century, a new era of comic books, swordfish man becomes man and see a new battle between dragon man and
Earth god , by Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

New age comics series one copyrighted


4. Unknown sea adventures

what lay in the, seas were treausres still unknown to swordfish man? 

And seven pearls thta evil villains lurk, yet all his treausres. Were all the mapped, and yet all the avenged known that these, seas had captains and pirates known as captains, and dark villains yet, unknown or unheard of. And many still womdered.

Unknown to swordfish man was evil villains and yet his creator one of the evil ist, and most many heard of jewel thief of the unknown seven seas, and South Pacific had many treausres behind the deck of seas.

The evil villains wanted to find get swordfish man in his journeys stopped before, he could save and gain the treausres back, yet many traps were in the evil eyes. On his sea journey he will soon discover his fate of the seas.

Swordfish man was brave and liked and had. Many flying abilities and yet machines and manmade and villains of dragon pets and liars were. Going to fight, to steal more trusures.

Among the many, are sunset, that lead the journey and kept his powers at the more adventures lay ahead in the begining of many treause sought in South Pacific seas. And many more villains and unheard super heros yet to meet swordfish man. Spdweel beyond the seven seas.

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