New age comics Swordfish man series 1

Series one of new age of comics new adventure on the 22 century, a new era of comic books, swordfish man becomes man and see a new battle between dragon man and
Earth god , by Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

New age comics series one copyrighted


1. The sword begins

then sand was new stone, the oceans bluer and pink sand the, moon so beutiful and array of, Evense Magic islands on top of treasures many and many exciting lands, vast on the beaches aside lay fishes whales and many creatures, the swordfish was one majestic creature.

It be fish but, oneday Magic as the seas come a sword of magic glow, landed in the seas of the South Pacific in a new age it sculptured, swords a man of power owned the seas, beyond the new come, a sea creature the swordfish mighty and magically be man, it had been a fish but, turned to man.

Yet it was distinguished as a fish it's only human being its sword it had hands and many more abilities it never had gills, but it's mighty swoed was, two hands of fish swords, it had magnificiant flying abilities trully one natural creature of powers it be man, yet fly.

It's face be handsome and it's only man flaw was it had swords as hands, it was on eager adventure to seek treausres and mankind, it be in the spworld as new man powers and flight, it seek love and treasures, it perhaps had one billion its creator, and son the ocean where deep with mammals and many more fish.

The swordfish man was a hero and could fly and protect people loved it's swords and they see jewels it bury and many more great things they saw no fish, in this new man but swords of his mighty hands that were glamorous with great metal and its steal gold armor, it was a swordfish man of a hero, and could save the treasures in the islands.

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