New age comics Swordfish man series 1

Series one of new age of comics new adventure on the 22 century, a new era of comic books, swordfish man becomes man and see a new battle between dragon man and
Earth god , by Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

New age comics series one copyrighted


3. The rivals that first meet dragon man

dragon man and earthgod were the first yet last villans. In the string they were in the many yet, first of the south seas dragon man was mere beast yet vilian, and had many mstical posers apon Fire and was Mao g the best villains of fire, swordfishnman needed many armor to defeat this villan.

The seas were angry among the beasts, yet the only way dragon man was in complete irony, he be among the last beast, among the villains he was yet as hidden and mystical known dragon, and be on the lists of missing beasts, and in deep seas treausres.

The beast be made with fire and can be seen as far as his armor the. Only way to capture the seas he was made of lizard, gills and small wings and had all, mighty powers, yet swordfishnman was more then. All the beasts armor, he had more strength then all the dragons of the south seas.

The dragon was of all seas, and would find the way out oneday he be found again in South Pacific seas and. Lost in the, south seas, oneday if the dark sword was to find his dragon it be dragon man his lost pet.

The swordfish an was waiting and helping his boric adventures were to, save the mightiest of all seas here's he was trully made for rescuing the poeple and save ing the days of South Pacific seas. 

He be one the journey to find the mystical powers and villains and superhero friends, and more of the south seas that had stolen treausres and many more know as the seven pearls.

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