New age comics Swordfish man series 1

Series one of new age of comics new adventure on the 22 century, a new era of comic books, swordfish man becomes man and see a new battle between dragon man and
Earth god , by Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

New age comics series one copyrighted


2. Swordfish guy adventures..

the hands of fish, and poems of night the South Pacific seas had new Gillian's and many more Gillian's they, were in search of good treasure that deep run the Seeas and many more yet a villian that, created the swordfish man had many treausre and one that interest the peole of South Pacific seas for there safety the queen bee diamond, it was deep hiddenni the see's and had powers of many things.

Why was the creator of swordfish man so evil yet, to create a hero, he thought and made a mistake instead it was a her, it was really to build a monster of swordfishes and fishes, somehow the powers didn't work as good as thought, and the swordfish mans ability to save people was to fight to and fly and save them with the ride, yet the swords were in the hands.

Swordfish guy was unique he fly had armor and swords of hands they only had one the other hands was human like and had great strength to grab and save people, yet many people on South Pacific island were being robbed of jewels and many artistic elegant things.

They neede help from swordfish man to save them he fight and battle them with his hands, and fly and save people, they Cher him on, yet the villains of South Pacific island were getting more tougher to beat they had eyes and gems and momsters built.

The heist of robbers of South Pacific seas, we're going to Rob all the jewels hidden in South Pacific island, swordfish man was ready to help and save yet, one man was to give a map and find the one jewel of South Pacific seas, and help in the new joureny beyond the people of of the seas.

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