New age comics Swordfish man series 1

Series one of new age of comics new adventure on the 22 century, a new era of comic books, swordfish man becomes man and see a new battle between dragon man and
Earth god , by Joseph carpenteri


Author's note

New age comics series one copyrighted


5. Sword of fish day of night

the theme was in his name sword of fish day and night the music was thin in air and great at nite it. Had many wondering this great sword he had of power in might it was the very man of true. And super powers among the machines and vilians lay a mighty man of treausre.

In darkness and night his sword be fire of might and his armor be great in the Deep South seas, he be strong and fly have mighty fins that fly yet man legs and hands with one sword, he was strong as man yet had some sea he swim day or night.

The pearls be in one hiding way, he had vilians and many his own creator was of his own, he had evil sword and many waiting to get to steal the treausres he, be many Heros in one.

As the theme song blew the south seas a great hero risen and the, many islands native treasures and poeple awarded him King and superior of all, in saving the seven seas. Yet he been in the distance and save poeple he also found his ditual routines of swords and collecting.

Seabeast was one unknown hero and only among many deep down yet, he kept his tabs on swordfishnman too find any pearls of the seven seas, and diaomands a intrugued villain evil sword was keeping the treausre under his wing I search of the seven pearls.

Swordfish man was heading south, rescue the traesures kept under the seas, and any evil sword that was hiding maps and riches. The power and machines would soon haunt a superior swordfish man. 

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