Never cry wolf

Never cry wolf, that's what every little kid is told. Well, the meaning is not to never lie, it's something much darker than that.
When Ava turns 16 she does something strange, she turns into a wolf. Ava then meets other where wolfs, then to find out she is the crying wolf. What does it all mean? How can you stop your self from crying wolf?


3. Ava

I liked the feeling of this animal I had come to be, taking over my body. My smell was better along with my hearing. I could tell that something or someone like me had been her before. Maybe it was the wolf who had howled before I became this creature. I fallowed the scent, until I had found where it was the strongest.

There was a rock formation in the middle of the forest. There was a little entrance that I could crawl through, but I didn't. What made me back away, was the smell of fear and anger coming from the shadows. I could see deeper in the den and saw the glow of two pale blue eyes, staring and burning into mine.

It felt as if this other thing could see my thoughts and feelings, as I could it's. I then stepped backward, allowing the animal to come out.

It was a wolf. He( I could tell by the smell) was the opposite of me. He had dark black fur that easily blended with the shadows. As my fur is white as moon light. His eyes pale blue like the ocean and sky. Mine are red, and always have been. We stared In scilence, listening to each other's breath.

The silence was scary. I felt attracted to him in some way I can not exsplain, but it was as if I couldn't live with out him. He then broke the silence...

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