Never cry wolf

Never cry wolf, that's what every little kid is told. Well, the meaning is not to never lie, it's something much darker than that.
When Ava turns 16 she does something strange, she turns into a wolf. Ava then meets other where wolfs, then to find out she is the crying wolf. What does it all mean? How can you stop your self from crying wolf?


2. Ava

I looked In the mirror and a wolf looked back at me. I was startled and so was the wolf. I turned into a wolf. I am a were wolf. OMG this is not happening!!!!! I am one of those wired people that when the moon comes out they howl or something and the turn to a wolf. Well at least I look good. I have sleek white fur and a big black patch on my back. I also have a blue dot with swirls around it, I wonder what it is?

For some reason I want to run into the forest and never comeback. So I change to my normal girl look and write a not to my mom. I the. Shift in my backyard running out into the unknown.

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