Never cry wolf

Never cry wolf, that's what every little kid is told. Well, the meaning is not to never lie, it's something much darker than that.
When Ava turns 16 she does something strange, she turns into a wolf. Ava then meets other where wolfs, then to find out she is the crying wolf. What does it all mean? How can you stop your self from crying wolf?


1. Prolog

Ava Paterson is a ordinary girl, with an ordinary life, until one day something paranormal came into her life, changing it forever.

It all started the night of the blue moon, the second full moon in a month. She was in her room on her phone with her friend, Cathy. Ava heard a howl from outside. She did live by a forest, and had seen some coyotes, but had never seen a wolf. She then felt very sick. "Cathy can I call you back?" She asked. "Sure, bye talk to you latter. " Cathy said hanging up.

Ava had, had cramps before but none like this. She then felt something inside her shift. It was something different from when she felt that she had grown taller in the night, and was different from being sick. She the. Looked at her hand. It had fur on it, and the wired fur kept growing up her arm. Ava was so shocked, she couldn't speek. She then felt a lot more pain, and dropped to the ground. She was shorter, and was walking on four legs. She than crawled over to her mirror, an saw a

Wolf staring right back at her.

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