The Beautiful Enemy

A young girl starts at a new school, and has already started off on the wrong foot with the boy everyone loves. This causes many issues, and many inconveniences. But will it all be fixed? Or will she forever have this enemy?


2. The Meeting - Macy

The day was August 17, 2017. I had just woken up at 5am to get ready for school. Though summer break was over, the season was not, and it was boiling hot outside even for it to be so early. I hopped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, so I could beat my twin brother to it. I love the guy, but if he managed to beat me, I would never make it to the shower in enough time. I start to take my clothes off, and the cold bathroom air causes me to shiver, and chill bumps appear. I turn the warm water on, and hop into the shower. I wash my long bright red hair, and my pasty white body. When I finish, and rinse the soap off my body, and out of my hair, I get out and dry my body off. I take the same towel, and wrap it around my body, and run to my room to finish getting ready. I grab my teal dress, and a jean jacket and dress myself. I usually did not feel good about myself, but for some reason, I felt beautiful that day. My day was starting off great. I grabbed my makeup bag and put it on so natural, I might as well have not worn any. I put on my sandals and grab my car keys. When my brother finishes getting ready we walk downstairs and eat a quick breakfast, brush our teeth, and I drive us to school.


Me and my brother have always gotten along. Always. Of course we have bickered or argued, but it was normal sibling fights. He pretty much took care of me and our mom since our dad passed away. My dad was only 42. It was cancer that had taken his soul to Heaven. least he is in a better place, right?


When we arrive to school, me and my brother go our separate ways. Him to Math, me to Biology. 


When I arrive, I see a boy in the corner two person desk all alone. His dirty blonde hair was long enough to cover his eyes, yet you could still see the piercing green eyes he had. His arms seemed semi muscular, but not too much. And, even though he was sitting, you could still tell he was probably at least 6'5.


I shrug it off. He would not notice me anyways. Besides, I am here to learn, not look at cute boys all day.


I walk up to the teachers desk and explain I am new. She smiles and tells me to sit next to a boy named Jackson. She points to his desk. It is the boy from early. I nod and blush as I sit next to him.


"Aw, new girl is already blushing because she has to sit next to me. How adorable."


I roll my eyes. Great, he is one of the guys that is so full of himself, he will tease girls he doesn't even know. Awesome...


I look at him.


"I was actually blushing from the anger of having to sit next to a shithead like you."


He growls. Was I scared? No, Should I be? Well...I guess we will find out wont we?


"You're gonna regret saying that, Princess."


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