The Beautiful Enemy

A young girl starts at a new school, and has already started off on the wrong foot with the boy everyone loves. This causes many issues, and many inconveniences. But will it all be fixed? Or will she forever have this enemy?


1. Introduction - Macy

We all seem to want love. Well...most of us anyways. We all want to feel wanted, loved, and appreciated. But, even with our wanting love, we all still seem to have an enemy. Sucks doesn't it? You crave love. You want love. And all you get stuck with when you meet that one guy, or girl, is hate. But, as strange as it sounds, because it is a very strange thing that has happened to me, I got both love and hate when I met Jackson Smith. Jackson seemed to make me feel a certain way when I met him. And, if I am being honest, it was not at all a good feeling. Not even a little bit. It was a crappy, lonely, kind of feeling. He was out to make my life a living hell. At least he was at first. But, as the saying goes, people change. They change their minds, personality, attitudes, even their lifestyle. And this, my friends, is how I met my worst, most beautiful enemy, Jackson Smith...

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