The Beautiful Enemy

A young girl starts at a new school, and has already started off on the wrong foot with the boy everyone loves. This causes many issues, and many inconveniences. But will it all be fixed? Or will she forever have this enemy?


3. Enemy - Macy

I look at him with an anger in my eyes. Of course, he started laughing. It amused him. He thought it was hilarious. I hated that damned nickname. It was something I truly despised. Not even for a particular reason. I just did.


"What did you just call me?"


He continues to giggle.


"Well, I called you princess. You seem to think you are too good to sit next to me. And only a princess would think like that. Aren't I correct?"


I growl and face the front of the class. I try to take notes, and pay attention, but I can feel him staring at the back of my neck. He stared at it the whole time. By the time class was over, I could see him grabbing his vape pen out of his leather jacket pocket.


"What the hell dude? Vaping? What do you think it's cool or something? That it will get you attention?"


He smirks and his green eyes pierce into my grey ones.


"It sure got your attention, princess. Good or bad, attention is attention."


I look at him. He had a point. It did catch my attention. And negative attention is still technically attention. I also let him know it had caught my attention, which made it all even worse.


"Ugh, I guess you're right,"


I mumble and he laughs, We stand up to leave and I realize just how tall he is. Like I said before, he is about 6'5. He towers over me, since I am only 4'9. He pats my head. At this point he was looking for ways to annoy me.  I huffed and walked out of the class. He was not in any other classes, and at this point, it was time for lunch. When I arrive, I run into my brother.


"Oh, hi Kernan. How is your day going so far? Going well?"


He nods and smiles.


"Yep! Aside from one asshole I met in my PE class. Jackson I think his name was?"


I go wide eyed.


"Hes my damn desk partner in my Biology class."


Kernan looks at me, and seems to look like he feels bad for me. I shrug and grab a tray to get some food. I needed a plan. A plan on how to figure out to be able to handle the entire school year with him as my partner. And fast.



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