Love, the girl you never noticed

She was in love with him, James Potter. Yet his heart belonged to Lily Evans. She writes letters about how she feels, and he doesn't have a clue who she is...


2. XAthenaX

     Athena walked away from the marauders, her face in her hands. Their looking for the writer of the letters, their looking for her. She has to stop, they can't find her. She heads to the Gryffindor dorm, she needs time alone. That is until Lily Evan, the snotty, red head steps in front of her. "Athena!" The red head shouts, said girl flinches from her shrill voice. "Yes?" Athena asked annoyed. "Stop messing with Severus! Playing pranks isn't nice." Lily screeches. The young brunette rolls her eyes, pushing past Lily. "Sorry Evans, I honestly don't care what you say." She headed towards her dorm room, which she shares with no one. 

     She sat at her desk where blue prints lay, Athena couldn't think straight. No more letters. She sighed, James loved Lily, never would he discontinue his infatuation. Especially for a girl like her.

     "Athena?" Remus soft voice snapped her from her thoughts, she glanced up and smiled."Yes?" Her best friend sat beside her and sighed, rubbing his face tiredly. "I know you're writing the letters." He said, her eyes widen in fear, her heart rate accelerated. "What?" She asked quietly. "I recognized your handwriting." Tears formed at her eyes, her bottom lip quivered. She was afraid he would tell James. "I wont say anything." He continued, catching her eye. "Promise?" she whispered. He nodded, wrapping his slightly larger pinky around hers.

     Athena was forever grateful to have a friend like Remus.

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