New Baghdad

i have a devil on my shoulder...


2. old town


it is haunted here, the empty sound of horror echoes




the mosque is a hulk, scorched and divided into zones by warring ghosts

the temple pierces the sky with no roof, just smouldering bricks

the cathedral is a casket of dead, piles of skeletal cadavers

and the cartographer slips and falls down, cutting his arm on a sign

OLD BAGHDAD it screams at him with distorted letters and he takes a moment

to see the sky and the lone eagle rising up 

it is haunted here, the djinn are kings here, the magical women who boil chickens 

and do arcane nonsense live here in squalor 

it is haunted here, wars don't work here, see the broken machine gun

the gutted pickup truck and the remained of a vest loaded with dead grenades

it is haunted here, humans don't come here except one and he wears prayer beads

around his neck and his coat is open but he still feels mad

it is haunted here and he draws the map of you, your dead ways and crooked days 

that sapped your life away, now you're haunted and this is the old you

the person who bit her nails, ate her skin and hated her face

is the new you better? 

are the other cities happy for you when you achieve high status? or do they leak green envy?

you are like a city with shut gates trapping in all the people

here is the sorcerer with his cloak

the assassin smoking hashish 

the king with no crown

the girl without decorum 

the army units with no commander

and then there is you, a fallen queen with magic in her nails and soft words on her lips

whispering breathy curses and wielding speech like a gun

and when at last you sat up and answered the phone, you decided to make your own decision

and leave it hanging on it's cord... a noose, a warning to the cartographer

i am not a country to be mapped. 

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