New Baghdad

i have a devil on my shoulder...


3. never


I've never been proud or loud


Never eaten hate or blazed


A joint with a drink and no thinking


I'm a wordsmith masterly linking


Rhymes that jiggle and slide


I'm a gangster and you see I hate fame


It's a deathtrap


Russian roulette and bad luck


I never breathed dirty air


My mind is an armory like a lion's lair


But let's be fair


I kill with pencils while you


Copy each other like stencils


If you hate ghosts then run for the hills


Or gorge yourself on pills


Feel my chills and thrills drill your spine


I'm on another broken phoneline


Ghosting and haunting and drinking


Blood that smells like musk


My words never rust


I send death to you in the post


You hate me the most


Even though in the desert my city lost


Like Atlantis


While you sit listening to Galantis


Music kills your mind


You need faith so delve deep


What will you find?


You're still a child


But not like me, not wild


You should take cover when i get riled


The last person who annoyed me died


I never went out of sight


I left this normal life


With creeps creeping slowly


Lately problems are like mountains


Solutions spring like fountains


Heavenly water on me I'm wet


I took a breath and felt fresh


Airwaves so jazzy


My recorder so brassy


My eyes so glassy


My fangs like red Sharpies


My myths about harpies


Kill me


I never wrote a bad note


I wallow in my leather coat


Remember when my dad used to lounge on a boat


Shoot at me I'm bullet-proof


Try to seduce me I'm lady-proof


I'm remote and alone


Can you hear the disrespect in my tone?


Don't bother trying to text my phone


I collect body parts, dna and bones


Like Hannibal


But I'm more controlled and philosophical


You, you're not contented


More like demented


About celebs and what they select on instagram


But I'm standing on a landmine knowing that you're stuck in an unworkable plan


I never killed myself from depression


Or licked my wounds from self repression


I'm a stalwart who thinks silently


And does stuff slowly


Masterly and tremendously scripting poems


Shifting words and grammar like dodgems


Candy crush playing


Magazine reading


Lollipop sucking killer of fakes


Bunching my medals like that


Gimme a rake


I even forgot my point


But i'm anointed like a king or a priest


At the Vatican in robes and holding holy books


I'm losing my flow so fast that it's running away


To the edge of the desert maybe I'll find it in Dubai


Come back thought thread


I honed you and loved you and fed you


Abandonment is pointless


You're so soulless


To leave me uselessly hanging


Like a criminal from a noose made with a flag that i know


Does my country love me? No


Does my poetry care? No


Do I care? No


I just continue with savagery


Like a modern day Shakespeare so fancy


Grip the tips of your modern day quills like me


Write your own version of hellish poetry


Unleash it when they don't expect it


Cut your finger with a paper and lick it


Don't let them step on your neck and crush it


Return the pain to the bullies because they deserve it


Pull a pin and blow a grenade


That was a language raid


Sometimes i feel like im drowning in sorrow


But hope's resting on the branches of my heart


Like a swallow


This is my art right from the centre of my heart


It hits you like darts


I'm losing time


Meditating on life and how it goes away


How should i pay you if you're evil?


Shall i push you away like my personal devil?


I look to the sky and revel


Come down to my level


To my 'hood where they wear Gucci and Armani


Sodden eye stares burn you like flares


Volvos and Audis negotiate space like buildings


While I'm busy looking at the girl who's not rich


I'm guilty of being that guy with no mercy


Sometimes I show you cracks in my pride


I hope they don't expand and infest me like lice


She's busy licking her wounds of self hate


Just because she was late to the Snapchat party


And when she came we ejected her unceremoniously


While I smiled at my friends coolly

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