Diary of Pansy Parkinson

Name: Pansy Parkinson
Crush: Draco Malfoy
House: Slytherin
Diary of Pansy Parkinson


1. Poems to Dray

Roses are red violets are blue won't you say you love me too Dray Dray your mine so please come to me

   "Pansy i already said im not yours and stop calling me dray dray its really anoying"

Roses are red violets are blue ill slit any girl who comes near you

  "P-PANSY y-you m-monster!"


Hello Dray Dray


My Lover




Thats why "Mine" Stands for

    "Mine, haha mine stands for something way different for me like, Pansy stop annoying me. oh wait their is no P, S, A or m"


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