"Don't let anyone destroy you Eren. Don't let anyone tear you apart and treat you like trash. Don't destroy yourself like I did. Most importantly, don't fall in love... I love you. - Ashton."


Author's note

What this story deals with... It's practically some version of my life put through a boys... Everything here is from my heart, mind, life, body, and experience... I hope you understand and take the time to read it all.

3. 02

"I can't find you in the body sleeping next to me."



Abigail Jennings fell asleep with her arms around her best friend, close enough to be her brother but not quite. He'd expressed himself more than he normally would that night, and it was heartbreaking to find out that he used to be a twin. To find out what she did. That night, she'd stroked the hair of her best friend until her companion fell asleep, humming under her breath. She would never say it aloud, but she loved him. Not so much that she would tell him and mean it in a different way. This love was sort of restricted, held back by some kind of force. By the fear of the fact that if she came clean, and said something, and it came out wrong, then the world would automatically fuck up. Everything would turn upside down, and she would be heartbroken. She wouldn't want to live with herself knowing that she single handedly managed to ruin something so good. So, Abigail Jennings kept her mouth shut.

As the two slept, Abigail's hands automatically under Eren's shirt out of habit, chaos went on downstairs.

The sound of shattering glass would've woken anyone up, but these walls were way to thick.

"I can't believe you're on it AGAIN," Abigail's mother shouted at her sister.

"Oh, hush, like you weren't on it with me," Her sister shouted back.


It was in Aunt Lisa's system once again, after going a good 3 years and 5 months. Clarissa, Abigail's mother was still going strong. The most she would do nowadays was smoke a cigarette.

"We got off because we were dying, Lisa. That shit in your system is screwing with your brain, haven't I told you that? Do you know how fucked up you are in the first place? And you could lose so much..."


Convulsions and Seizures

Mood Problems

Sexual Problems

Lung Problems

HIV & Hepatitis

Bowel Decay

Loss of smell, nosebleeds,runny nose, trouble swallowing

All of these are symptoms from snorting and injecting cocaine. Yet Lisa knew all of this, and didn't care. It was just for the fun of it. Clarissa was done with destroying her system, and was disgusted with her older sister and how she continued to do so to herself. However she knew it was out of control.

"Get out of my house.I hope you enjoy your high." They never say Lisa Jennings again.

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