"Don't let anyone destroy you Eren. Don't let anyone tear you apart and treat you like trash. Don't destroy yourself like I did. Most importantly, don't fall in love... I love you. - Ashton."


Author's note

What this story deals with... It's practically some version of my life put through a boys... Everything here is from my heart, mind, life, body, and experience... I hope you understand and take the time to read it all.

2. 01

"Heart made of glass, my mind of stone."



When Eren found his sister on the ground, he panicked. The boy's heart raced. The closer he got, the closer he saw crimson. He saw her blood. As quickly as he could, he dialed 911, his glasses falling off of his face as he stood over his sister, knife plunged into her chest as he willed her to wake up.

"Ashton, Ashton come on..."

Nothing worked, his family and cops arrived, and by then, Eren was already bent on destroying himself. His closest companion was gone and now he didn't know what to do with himself. His hands went over her motionless face countless amounts of times, trying to burn the feeling of her skin into his memory. Trying to remember that her hair almost always covered her face as her bangs grew out, and brushed at her shoulders.

The funeral was just as terrible as finding his sister with a knife in her chest, put there herself. It was buried so deeply in between her ribs that it took a good amount of time to pull out by the cops. Everyone brought roses to bury with her. Eren brought peonies and tulips, white ones of course.

As months went by, his parents finally managed to move to a new house, which of course would mean a new school or most. Eren was one of those.

"Come on kiddo, the first day won't be terrible. I promise you'll meet someone new," urged his mother. His father on the other hand told him to suck it up and go in there like the proud man he' s supposed to be. They were both right in some way, the first day of school wasn't terrible. He did indeed make a new friend. Abigail Jennings, someone new to lean on, to talk to , to smile laugh and cry with. Just like he did with Ashton.

"You remind me of my sister, sometimes," Eren smiled at her, teeth bright as ever.

"What was she like?" Asked Abigail.

"Like you, except we were twins and acted almost the same... we were in sync almost our whole lives. When we talked, ate, slept, spoke, breathed... Sometimes we even had to go to the bathroom at the same time it was absurd, and amazing..." He let himself go then. He let his locked up thoughts finally be known.

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