The Valerie Origins Story.

This is the story about a girl named Valerie Gibb's, A young teenaged girl who lived on a planet inhabited by both humans and mobians (animals that could walk and talk just like humans and have amazing abilities) who was kidnapped and forced into experiments by scientists in the study of how mobians worked. Valerie was experimented, tortured and abused by the scientists for many months will she ever escape this hell? would she ever be normal again? Will someone ever free or rescue her?.. Everything will be answered in time.
I hope you enjoy this fanfic!


Author's note

Sonic, Tails and other related characters are trademarks of Sega, America.
Valerie, scientists and other related characters are mine.
Final Note:
This was also based on a dream I had one night.

1. The experimentation!

(A Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfiction!)


“I bid you welcome, Miss Gibbs” Says a gruff voice, I forced my eyes open for the first after so many hours of being in an unconscious sleep a bright and blinding light blinded me for a few seconds before my eyes readjusted their vision. I noticed a hanging lamp was hung above me and a man standing over me, almost hunching over above me I gritted my teeth struggling to get up but was held down by large metal shackles on my wrists.

The man smiles evilly adjusting his dark, black gloves that go up to his lanky elbows "who are you? Why am I here? " I blurt out before I was once again held back down by the cold, metal shackles on my wrists "my name is none of your concerns, Miss Gibbs but I can however determine why you at bought here.." he replies I looks up making eye contact with the man's cold icy blue eyes which sent shivers down my spine.

"Ok then, why was I bought here?" I added, determined to know why I was here in the first place. The man smirks "I'm glad that you are brave enough to ask my dear~ and, I'll be happy to explain to you~ for as long as we know it, we have lived among these creatures known 'Mobians' , strange animal like creatures that could walk, talk and have a mind of their own just like a human and bearing incredible powers~" begins the man while he spoke, I tried to struggle again but causing much strains to my wrists eventually that caused me to let out a pained yelp.


This caused the man to notice me struggling and moved his pointer finger from side to side and making a tutting noise in disapproving tone. "Miss Gibbs ~ the more you try the struggle, the more unpleasant it will make this experimentation will be..." my eyes widened when he mentioned 'experimentation'.

I gulped in a nervous way "e experimentation?... Why? what for? and why me?" I asked the man turns to me and flicked his fingers.

As if on cue, a young woman dressed in a pure white lab coat enters the room and holding a black box in her gloved hands. The room was so dim lighted in appearance, it casted eerie shadows to dance on the walls, making me start to panic and struggle more in an aggressive nature, kicking my legs as I struggled the man only smirked at me just as the young woman walked up beside him and casting me a solemn glance.


Judging by her facial expression, she had a look of guilt written on her face and I could see it in her eyes too as if she was saying 'I'm sorry..' the man paid no attention to his 'assistant' as he grabs out a small syringe filled with a strange liquid. My eyes shrunk in shock what were they going to do to me?... I started to kick again but more viciously, like a wild animal trapped in a metal cage.


"Get away from me you freaks!!" I screamed in an ear piercing volume but the man ignored my screams and he grabbed my wrist my eyes widened with fear as he was about to inject the liquid. I struggled against his grip but eventually, I lost my battle as he injects the weird looking liquid into my wrist.

I let out a pained grunt as the man let's go and smirks at me as I felt a surge of the cold liquid in my veins, I looked up at the wicked man dressed in pure white with tears forming in my eyes "you freaks!! You'll pay dearly for this!!!" I shouted in anger as the tears start to stream down my face.

"You can go now Miss Blanche, I'll take it from here, I'll take care of Miss Gibbs here ~" says the man as the woman turns in response "but sir I..." she began but the man turned to her with a scowl on his face.

 "Go Now! you have no need to be here now!" Ordered the man the woman sighs in defeat before replying "yes sir, I shall go..." before she headed off she took one glance at me and mouthed out 'I'm sorry' and with that she left the room, the door making a click noise as she closed it.


I stared in disbelief before I turned to the corrupted scientist standing before me "what are you planning on doing to me?" I cried, angrily.


"You'll find out soon enough, my dear ~" my heart pounded in my chest as I noticed light brown coloured fur strands start to poke out of my skin, my eyes widening I was changing before my very eyes! I glared up at the man in a fit of rage and anger boiled inside me. "


Why are you doing this?! Answer me!!" I screeched at the man just before a couple of other men in the same attire came over, trying to retrain me back into place but I reacted by biting down on one of the man's hands not realising my teeth were becoming sharper and more like a canines!


He let's out a pained cry, jolting backwards and holding his now bleeding hand. My hands slipped free of the shackles holding me down on a metal table, I was beyond confused as I continued to change further, my face pushed out into a simple snout of an animal as I looked around for a way of escape! I glanced frantically around trying to figure out an escape route with the man gave out angry orders, not pleased by me escaping.


"Get that experiment you fools! Before our years of work goes to waste!!" I growled in response I hated that word I turned before my eyes caught sight of a large chrome coloured door just a few feet away from me. I smirked "~ sayonara you baboons, you'll never catch me now ~" I mocked as I made a dash for the door, hearing the man behind me "get her you idiots, don't let her escape!" *Just try and stop me!* I thought with a wide smirk heading for the door. That's when things began to not go according to my plans, I felt pain in my back and pain going down my spine as ringing filled my head "Ack!" I exclaimed holding my head as the ringing grew louder and more ear piercing. I whimpered, loudly staggering around limply in a spot, trying to block out the horrible noise, my stomach churned and my vison became dizzy and blurry, everything spun around me I fell to my knees as I try to crawl to the door instead.


Before I could have time to react I heard a sickening and terrifying shredding noises coming from behind me as I let out a blood curdling scream of agony, tears rushing down my face blood dripped to the floor as it dripped off my sides. My body felt numb and limp as it try to hold onto the door for support, the ringing in my head continued as my breaths became short and sharp.

I try to speak but no words could come out my body betrayed me as I tried to reach for the doorknob I realised that I was shrinking!  *No! No! No! No! No! Please someone! Help Me! * I cried frantically in my mind as I try to plead for help, desperately trying to reach for the door handle. I soon hear the man's cold and harsh voice as I slumped in a corner "take her to her cage she won't be much trouble now..." cackles the man as two other voices chimed in a chorus "yes sir!"



I sat there petrified of the outcome, I couldn't fight back.. I was so weak and exhausted I must've been drugged or something... I saw a pair of legs step in front of me. I looked up seeing the same man that I bitten earlier whom, bandages covered his hand as blood stained the once pure white wrappings. he smirks down at me evilly as I tried to get back up and run for my life but of course my body had to disobey me so I just sat there, gazing up at them with frightened eyes.

"~Hehehe ~ nighty night hedgehog ~ " he sniggers aloud before my eyes shot open what did he just called me?! As I tried to get up pain surged through my legs just as I slumped back down on the cold floor the men laughed at my vulnerability before shoving something onto my mouth. "Mph! Mph! mph.." I made muffled shouts before suddenly blackness overcome me as I slid into a death like sleep.

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