The bell around her throat chimed angelically as she tilted her head back and to the side, resting her head on her shoulder. Her damp hair clung to the side of her face as she gazed at him where he sat on the other side of the room. He felt numinous looking at someone like her.
"So," she questioned, "what game are we playing this time?"


4. 04

"Close my eyes, this girl I barely knew felt just like you."

Min Cora stood in front of the bathroom sink, the water turning shades of crimson as she scrubbed harshly at her normally pale hands.  

"Cora?" A voice on the other side of the door called out to her,  the voice was somehow unrecognizable as she tried to listen. It was Jaehyun. "Yeah?" She called back. The bathroom door creaked open.

"They want you in for questioning," Jaehyun answers. After that, the water turned off, and the sound of heels against tile grew louder as Cora grew near. He'd opened the door completely so that she could walk by. When she did, he found his heart picking up the pace, as if he was on a run. He was close enough to smell her again. A lingering smell of peppermints and vanilla that someone could easily taste in their mouth hung in the air. Jaehyun breathed in and out.


The chair that Cora sat in was cold, as if it was switched out between interrogations. "Min Cora?" asks the officer. Cora nodded, rubbing at the back of a pinkish hand of which she held in her hand. As if she thought there was still blood on them, although she knew that there was still some under her nails.  The cop nodded, his black hair brushing the top of his brows. 

"We're gonna hook you up to the Polygraph," He mutters, standing up. She nodded once again, her body feeling numb as she went over the events of the past few hours again and again, like that one song you would play on loop. Only this song was made up of the sounds of gunshots, screams, and shattering glass.  the officers hands were warm, and he had to pull one of Cora's up and onto the table to attach her body to wires using her ring and index finger, another item of the sort was wrapped around her arm to monitor her blood pressure. Cora had hardly felt the officers hand's on her skin. At this point she was completely numb.


The questions were simple. 

"Where were you?"

"Who were you with?"

"What happened?"

"Are you related to the deceased?"

"What was your relationship like?"

"And with your mother?"

"Expired," was Cora's last answer. She unhooked herself from the machine, got up, and left the room.

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