The bell around her throat chimed angelically as she tilted her head back and to the side, resting her head on her shoulder. Her damp hair clung to the side of her face as she gazed at him where he sat on the other side of the room. He felt numinous looking at someone like her.
"So," she questioned, "what game are we playing this time?"


3. 03

"The hardest part of this is leaving you."

Glass exploded into the room, cutting the perfect skin of guests that were too close. Guests that thought they were safe and comfortable, and that nothing ever happens at this time of night. The screams in the air were mostly high pitched, and men did their best to cover their wives, as every great husband should. And then came the sound of gunfire. Cora instinctively moved away from the other windows as men and women fell to the floor. One at a time, maybe two or three getting shot and going down to stay there.

For a girl in heels, Cora ran fast as fuck.Frantically her hand pounded against doors, twisting the knobs as she searched for her father. Some of the doors opened and revealed nothing f what Cora needed to see. People in all black were entering the ruined mansion with no intention to help protect the people who survived the bullet wounds. They were the one's that shot in the first place. They were there to kill, and get paid, and get paid well. It still didn't make up for the loss that would take place in children's lives, affecting them forever.

Cora finally swung open the right door with Jaehyun right behind her, the both of them panting heavily. They thought the room would be empty, excluding those that they were hoping to find. They were there, but not the say they were supposed to be. Not exactly the hero's that every child, boy or girl, would look up too. They weren't quite the parents that the two teens needed them to be. Jaehyun's father was passed out in the corner, beaten to the point of blackout. Cora's father and the form of a woman, all dressed in black, were the only two standing. There was a gun in her hand.

"Cora run!" Her father shouted. She was so tired of running. She just wanted nothing more than to leave with a smile on her face, and dad holding her hand. That was all she wanted. Instead she got this. And it was fucked up.
The woman raised her gun, her father trying to tell his daughter to leave, get help, find safety. Before he said another word, the woman aimed, and fired. Cora screamed.

Her father went out with a bang.

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